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9 Things you should know about the Japanese educational system

Japan is one such country in the world that is known for its great technology and amazing innovations. Right from manufacturing cars to robots these people have always been a step ahead of every nation in the world. Not only technological innovations but also the education system is at its best in Japan. They have induced few amazing things that can play a vital role in improving a student's life and their knowledge.

1. Manners

Japanese people believe that more than being educated you need to know how to behave properly. They say the best time in life to learn good things is when people are very young and the Japanese follow it blindly. The kids do not have exams till they reach the 4th standard because till then they are taught how to behave all the years ahead!

2. Academic year

Usually, the academic year either begins in September or July in the most parts of the world. But the Japanese have a different version to this. They feel that the academic year should always start according to the business calendar. Not only this but every year they always try to ensure that there is a proper season when the school reopens!

3. Cleaning the school

Every school or university in the world employs people for cleaning and taking care of kids at the campus. In Japan it is completely different, they actually have groups in every class that have to clean the classrooms, canteen, and even the toilets. They believe it is important for every human being to know how to clean his or her surroundings. According to them, it not only inculcates good thoughts in you but it also teaches you how to work in teams.

4. Healthy Meals

In Japan, it is not only important to hire the best chefs to cook for children in the school. But, it is also important the chef knows how to cook a balanced and a healthy meal for the children. It is also mandatory that everybody needs to sit in their classroom and have their meals with the teacher. They believe this will improve the relation between a student and a teacher.

5. Workshops right from schooling

The Japanese believe that learning things in a practical way is as important as learning the theory. So it is compulsory that every student has to attend workshops after they finish with their classes at school. It is important to have bookish knowledge but it is also important that you are smart enough to use that knowledge in a right way.

6. Culture and Traditions

Most of the countries right now are getting influenced by the western culture and they have stopped practicing their own culture. But in Japan, it is mandatory in every school that you need to learn all the traditions and culture of their own country. The kids not only have the regular subjects but they also need to learn Japanese traditional writing also known as Shado. Not only this but they also need to learn Haiku (Japanese poetry).

7. School uniform

Unlike the United States of America and other countries, wearing a casual dress to attend the school is strictly prohibited in Japan. They believe wearing the uniform will not only maintain discipline but it will also ensure that the students do not have a social difference between each other. Schools in Japan either prefer traditional uniforms or else military uniforms.

8. Attendance

Most of us can relate to this as an issue always in our schooling life, there were always times when we had attendance issues which did not allow us to promote into the next grade. According to recent surveys conducted in Japan attendance is always 95% or more every year. Being late to the class is almost meant to be a sin and not paying attention to the teacher is meant to be disrespectful and it can get you kicked out from the school in Japan.

9. Examination hell

In Japan, they do not have tests every now and then, every high school student gets only one chance to decide their future. That will be the final examination, that will be the only test that they write in their entire schooling. Students need to score good marks to get into the top universities and the worst part about it is there will be too much of competition. The time that they spend to study for the final exam is popularly known as examination hell in Japan.
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