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7 REAL images of AMAZONAS that already by their appearance terrified their enemies...

Although the myth of the Amazon women is born in the cradle of the Greek culture, it has gained an important interest mostly because of different heroines that appear in the small and big screens, such as Xena or Wonder Woman. But although we may think that it was only a legend, a story or maybe a way to represent a feminist idea, the truth is that throughout history many armies composed exclusively by women warriors have appeared. The myth is actually true.

1. Origins

According to Greek legends, the Amazon people were governed exclusively by women warriors, who from their childhood were instructed and trained in the art of the battle. Located in the confines of the known Hellenic world, their epic encounters came to be against Greek heroes like Achilles himself. But although it seems that everything was mythology, the truth is that their story could have been inspired by women who went to war in the army of the Scythians, a nomadic people that dominated northeastern Asia. Women warriors have claimed their position since ancient times.

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1. Origins 1

2. The Greek world

There are also records of women warriors of the classical era, more specifically in the Minoan culture. In that stories, they were mostly and simply myths to reinforce the masculine power since they always ended up succumbing to the Greek heroes and were commonly showed as defeated and wounded. In spite of it, they received cults, with different sculptures and tombs revered by all the Greek territory. After all, the "warrior woman" represented some history.

2. The Greek world

3. The Vikings

In the Viking culture, the idea of a warrior woman was represented by the idea of the Valkyries. These splendid warriors, dressed with a spear and a shield, went to all the battles to take the bodies of the fallen warriors, in order to recruit them for the fight of Odin in the Ragnarok. But although this is part of Scandinavian mythology, the truth is that there are vestiges of women who would have been buried with the honors of soldiers, so it is believed that they marched to wars with men.

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3. The Vikings

4. The Kingdom of Dahomey

The kingdom of Dahomey was a state that existed in Africa from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. Although slavery practices and human sacrifices were carried out there, it was because of this army of women that kingdom became known worldwide. And it is a fact that approximately one-third of its military personnel was composed of these Amazons of Dahomey, who showed and represented warrior skills that contrasted with the idea of the feminine world of the rest of the world.

4. The Kingdom of Dahomey

5. Selected warriors

The confidence shown by the monarchs of Dahomey over their Amazons was so strong that they named them their personal guard. In a time marked by conflicts with the French people, with a clear numerical and armament disadvantage, the Warriors showed a big courage, coming against conquerers only with spears and arches, where fortresses were defended by men with guns and rifles. Because of that battles, Dahomey women were considered as VERY fearing in the war camp.

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6. The dark side

Of course, each war has its dark side and, although for the people of Dahomey these warriors were considered as heroines, for the rest of the world community they were only considered as slavers. This is because the pillar of its economy was based on the sale of palm oil and, above all, on the traffic of people to the European colonies in overseas territories. Although it is true that the numbers were exaggerated, it was said that in their nation only 10% were free citizens.

5. Selected warriors

7. Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh

Possibly one of the most famous warriors that passed through Dahomey ranks was also a leader of his female army, Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh, who, in command of a group of 6,000 women, managed to take the Abeokuta fortress to be able to supply slaves to the kingdom. Possibly the idea of capturing a territory and converting its inhabitants into merchandise is far from the concept we had about these courageous fighters or the idea of Wonder Woman.

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