Published 2017-12-22
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9 Sentences that every WOMAN would LIKE TO HEAR from her man!

"I love you"

This statement is so obvious that is why it is almost at the end of our list. For women, it is one of the most important words. They wait to hear it for practically all the time, even if they pretend not to. Of course, this sentence must be said honestly, straight from the bottom of the heart, and will be remembered for a long time. For women, this is a magical statement that changes and makes your relationship stronger. That's why the more you say it, the better it will be.

"I love you"

"Will you marry me?"

Women are extremely sensitive to the declarations. Therefore, the sentences like "I want to get old with you" or "I want to spend the life with you" will make her feel extremely appreciable and happy. Even if such a sentence will be said only once, during the proposal, we ensure you that she will never forget it. In the end, every woman dreams of a ring, a wedding and a happily after.

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"Will you marry me?"
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