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Indian astrology of men and women born in JULY!

Thanks to different types of astrology that we have, we can just search online and read all about the month we were born in or the zodiac sign we were born under! We have also covered a vast ground on this subject, however, the one that we have not touched yet is the Indian astrology of the months which we will be covering in the following series. Each month will be divided into 2 parts based on the gender and the positive and negative common traits of each will be covered. In this article, we will be talking about JULY borns! Ready?!

July born men

July born men

July born man is everyone’s favorite person. This man is just like a newly discovered star that gathers all the spectators to watch. Others might think that this feature in them is for boasting. A long talk for these men is like a piece of cake especially if the job they have right now is something they have tried so hard for. Men born in this month are kind of a show-off, to be honest. Even if they have lost all the money that they had and went bankrupt, they take a loan from the bank to prepare a party for their friends!

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July born men 1

One of the things about this people is that they like to make others happy. With seeing other people’s happiness caused by them, they feel happy and satisfied themselves. You can find these people with a special physical feature and that is their disheveled hair. Even if they have a short haircut, their hair is still disheveled. Just like a painting brush. Men born in this month like to be chic. Just like how you see the romantic boys in romantic movies, the guy’s behavior will sweep you off your feet. The dinners he takes you to, the flowers he buys for you ….

July born men 2

If they are in love with someone, they act like a Queen with that person so if your partner is a July born, you are quite lucky! July born men are also so fine when they become a father. They care so much about kids and would love to have as many of them as possible. They love to have a big family. If you do not like to have kids, it is better for you not to follow this man. He might tell you that it is fine at the beginning of the relationship but as you go further, babies are what he is looking forward to having.

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July born men 3

In a relationship, he is faithful and honest and he expects the same things from his significant other. In fact, this is not only limited to his love life, he expects the same in every kind of relationship he has whether it is work or his private life. July born men like to be the breadwinner of the house. To take care of the family they have created with their significant other is all they want to do. There is only one tiny problem when it comes to these men! Well, not that tiny to be more precise….

July born men 4

The problem is that if they are fond of traveling, you can be quite sure that they have a lady wherever they go. If you decide to go with the silence treatment and not talk about it, things can get even worse for you! If the ones with some negative traits in this month come to power, they will feel like the king and see the rest of the people as their servants even their partners! There are some qualities that are in common in the women that were born in this month as well. Here are some!

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July born men 5

July born women

If you want to have a life fun of joy, the July born lady is the one you have to go for. This month is full of famous and popular celebrities and actresses. These ladies have the beauty it takes to be popular so you are a lucky one if you manage to capture their heart and attention but do not ever tell them that they are not beautiful, even if in real life they are not! Just pretend like they are the queen and you are good to go. The ladies of this month, just like the men, have beautiful hair and they wear hats.

July born women

These ladies are in love with LOVE. They want to be loved and want to love other people. She likes to be flirtatious and make men run after her only to get a moment to talk to her. It does not matter what you see in on the outside, deep down they want to be loved and caressed. She is the type of women who knows how to be a mama and how to be a businesswoman and handle both of these jobs perfectly. If you are with a woman of this month, know that you cannot ignore her because she loves to be cherished and noticed all the time.

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July born women 1

They love to see that they can have a huge impact on other people. Just like the men in this month, these ladies love kids and they care about nothing more in life than their children. They are not strict parents, sometimes even they give too much space to the kids. If you do anything alone without her being there, you will face hindrances in your private life with this lady unless you have a strong and convincing reason to explain why you did what you did without her. They love fancy parties and gatherings.

July born women 2

If you want to leave a positive impression on her, take her to the most luxurious restaurant you know. Taking this into account, if you are stingy, there is no point in going after these ladies. If you want to be in a more serious relationship with this lady, know for a fact that she needs to be the fanciest among her friends so would spend all the money of the latest collections of her favourite brands! Do not forget that this might appeal to someone and may not to the rest! People’s personality and appearance differ depending on so many different factors.

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July born women 3
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