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5 Types of guys we should never fall in love with...

Falling in love and being in a relationship is something that we all are looking forward to! Even if we have had a broken heart, we still are hoping to see our prince charming! Waiting for that person who is considered the one, our one. We all know how good love feels but we also do remember the hardship of the break ups we went through! We do not want to go back to that time anymore. Going through the break up is one of the most traumatizing experiences even though it teaches a lot about love and life.

5 Types of guys we should never fall in love with... 1

There are many articles about what to do to make someone fall for you and how to be more attractive. Things like a beautiful smile! Being well dressed no matter where you are going because you do not know who you are going to bump into. How to act! It is important not to be so big headed, not to be so independent! Make sure that you are giving him enough love that he needs! The list is long….

5 Types of guys we should never fall in love with... 2

But we may not always realize that no matter how hard we try, there are still times that things do not go right and it is not from our ends! So many factors are involved and one of them which is the major one is the GUY! Not every guy is the right one and not every trick works on them all! People are different and there are different ways to their hearts just like how the way to your heart differs from the way to your friend’s heart.

5 Types of guys we should never fall in love with... 3

Considering all that! There still are things, unsolved! Seems like nothing can change it! That is where you have to put all the blame down your own shoulder and start blaming them! The guys! There are few groups of guys with whom you should never try! Not even try to make them fall for you because that is a huge mistake and in this article, we are going to introduce them to you.

5 Types of guys we should never fall in love with... 4

There are men who break hearts. There are men who drive women crazy every time to the point that she starts doubting everything! There are so many rotten types! We have not forgotten about the fact that we have rotten types in women as well but in this article, we mainly are going to focus on men! The relationship with them has no chance of survival, and when we meet them on their way, we always regret that we gave them our heart. Here is the list!

1. Mama's boy

1. Mama's boy

Each of us knows this type. He does not make a decision without the opinion or consent of his mother. Not only are you dating them, you also are dating their mother as well! The road to early recognition of a mommy's son is the situation when his mother helps him choose an apartment for rent, clothes, and he for the simplest of questions asks for her opinion, not yours. Stay as far away as you can from these guys.

1. Mama's boy 1

2. No marriage guys

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again. If he says he does not want to engage, it means he does not want to, and you have to respect him. You will not change his mind in any way. You will never get from this relationship what you really want to receive. You will still be waiting for him in the hope that you will finally see the light in the tunnel and the day will come. There are plenty of women who cast such a guy and find love quickly in their lives. So say goodbye and move on.

2. No marriage guys

3. Players

For this guy counts only one thing which is breaking up with others. If you marry him, guess what will happen - he will still be a player, only this time you will call him a serial scammer and an infidel jerk. He does not want a serious relationship, and you should not either because you just will be wasting time with this guy. You can easily recognize this type by simple photos on Facebook, where he poses with all the hot women he was able to find.

3. Players

4. A leaf in the wind

When it comes to being indecisive and twisted nonsense, you have a real problem. This type of guy is the type that you can never take seriously. He does not know what he wants to do with his life (even if he's 40). Maybe he wants to take you somewhere, do something more, but cannot make the most basic decision whether it will be a movie or dinner. You will be waiting for everything. You will be tired of this guy really fast.

4. A leaf in the wind

5. Narcissus

We all met this guy - a handsome guy with little tendency to be a sociopath. Actually, this type is in a very real relationship but ... with himself. There is no place for you, your needs or problems because he is obsessed with himself. He will never change. There are no compromises here, only he counts.

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5. Narcissus
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