Published 2017-12-27
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They attacked the children of JLo and Marc Anthony calling them ugly...

Jennifer Lopez is one of the singers of Latin American and also the whole world who has been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world on many occasions. Her musical talent and physical appearance have made her one of the favorite artists of millions of fans and made the concept of South American beauty reach a high level. JLo and Marc Anthony were married in back June of 2004, and they had twins, Max and Emme. In this article, we will tell you about the children who have been strongly criticized by the media. Stay with us to know why!

Jennifer Lopez is an icon of Latin beauty and is therefore considered one of the most attractive women in Hollywood. Marc Anthony, on the other hand, is not a very physically graceful man, however, his musical talent is undeniable. Despite all this, the criticism of the media went directly to the daughter of both artists, as they claim that she is not a very pretty girl. How can they say so about a child?

Although she bears a strong resemblance to her beautiful mother, she also inherited part of her father's physical appearance. In an image published on December 5 on the social network on page "Despierta America" they showed JLo with Emme. However, they were not saved from the criticism of thousands of people who spoke about the girl. People said that Lopez had really undergone different surgeries to achieve that attractive figure and face and it was normal that her child is a little ugly.

"Emme does not look like her mother at all, she's the same as her dad", "The two kids have the ugly features of their father", "What a pretty little girl," were some of the comments from the fans. The girl is only 9 years old and is the daughter of a great artist, therefore, it is certain that in a few years we will see her as an attractive young woman who will follow her mother's footsteps and will surely inherit the fashion style that López has had for many years. Maybe it will surprise us in the future and puberty will make magic in her figure.

In an interview on the "Ellen Degeneres" show, Emme and Max were with Lopez. In fact, the attitude of JLo's little daughter showed that she is already an expert celebrity. Having such famous parents should be accustomed to receiving a lot of attention from the media and paparazzi following them all the time since they are children who were born being known worldwide. The girl was wearing a dress combined with her mother's, "Today she is wearing clothes similar to mine, she is mini-me", commented the artist.

Maximilian was playing inside a box where Ellen usually hides people in disguise to scare their guests. The twin was shy in front of the cameras, unlike his sister, who without thinking began to talk to the host of the program. The little boy is the living image of his father Marc and will undoubtedly grow up to be a man very similar to him.

"Missing my sunshine and my moonlight, my twins, mom loves you" was what the actress wrote as the caption of her post with pictures of her children. In this picture appears the cute Emme in a swimsuit, while Maximilian can be found in a Batman hood reading a book. It is easy to observe the contrast of personalities between children and the way of being of both. The boy was also criticized by Lopez fans, who say he inherited more from his father than from his beautiful mother.

Recently Jennifer began a relationship with former "New York Yankees" player Alex Rodriguez, and they appear to be an extremely nice couple. In this image, the athlete appears next to Maximilian, playing with his Ipad in a private jet. Although the children are Marc Anthony's children, they seem to have a great friendship with their mother's boyfriend, since Rodriguez has two daughters with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.

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