Published 2017-12-28
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10 Traits MAY borns are known for

3. They are restless

Actually, not in a bad way. May borns are simply as restless as small kids. They are very active and are full of energy and you would never see they tired or exhausted. You might only see them having a busy life. But that energy helps them to work hard and achieve the goals they have planned. People born in this month are the best in using their power to make their dreams come true.

3. They are restless

4. They love to travel

These people are a born travelers. They have a strong passion towards seeing the world, knowing other cultures, meeting different kinds of people and most of all, making memories that last a lifetime. Their energy doesn't allow them to stay in one place, instead, it makes them see new opportunities by discovering the world. However, they usually prefer to travel on their own as they never want to be dependent on others.

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4. They love to travel
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