Published 2017-12-28
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Horoscope for the week: January 1, 2018 - January 7, 2018


You have a lot of energy on Monday. You also have a lot of people to see. This is going to be one of those weeks where you just go, go, go. Time will fly, especially Tuesday and Wednesday. But be sure to pause, to take a breath, and maybe have a sip of water every now and again. You don't want to tire yourself out. On Friday or over the weekend, a friend is going to call on you for a favor, and you're going to have to take action. The challenge of it will be fun.



Something's up at home on Monday, and rather than deal with it you've decided to flee the house. That's actually not a bad idea right now. Let someone else sort it out. Why involve yourself in some crazy drama unless you absolutely have to, right? Nevertheless, in spite of your efforts to avoid it, drama might still be on the menu for Wednesday and Thursday. A good friend could turn into a basket case over a minor issue, and you're going to be the one to calm them down. Ah, friends. So wonderful and weird, aren't they?

It's a great start to the week and year for the NEXT sign!

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