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Only these 4 Bollywood actresses made it through 2017 with a pocket full of money!

The Mumbai Mirror critic review, which was written about the movie Rangoon was almost solely on how great of an actor Kangana is! "Kangana is the undisputed hero here. She delivers her feisty masked onscreen avatar with just enough whip cracking and starry nakhras. She seduces the camera and each time she’s within a frame, it’s difficult to pay attention to anything or anyone else. Shahid, as the recluse soldier devoid of facial expressions, is committed to his role and delivers on expectations. Saif Ali Khan, who immaculately looks and talks the part — a pompous producer with an aristocratic manner — has only as much screen time to prove himself."

The next movie presented this year was, Simran that before the release of it, so many people thought of this to be another movie like the blockbuster Queen, but this one also did not go as well as predicted just like Rangoon. However, she again gave a jaw-dropping performance. Gulfnews.com’s review of the movie goes like this: "She makes robbing banks look like child’s play and is reckless at a casino, but Kangana Ranaut manages to inject a degree of adorability in Praful Patel, the flawed protagonist in her latest film, Simran. Credit has to be given to Ranaut for injecting verve into a character whose rebellion seems displaced."

Can you guess who the NEXT star is?!

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