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Only these 4 Bollywood actresses made it through 2017 with a pocket full of money!

2. Taapsee Pannu

After a great performance she gave in the movie Pink, Taapsee Pannu managed to pull off one of the most difficult roles ever. The role of a spy in the movie Naam Shabana. The movie seemed like a sole performance of Taapsee Pannu. Koimoi’s review says: "For most part of the film, you really miss Pandey’s witty writing that his previous films, A Wednesday and Special 26 were laden with. Shabana’s story is a half-hearted, forced attempt. Naam Shabana falls short of becoming a la Baby. A tepid script makes this film a strictly a average watch. Yet, for Taapsee’s effortless act a 2.5/5 for this!"

Business Standard’s review says: "It is quite difficult to not compare Naam Shabana with Baby. While the latter had some moments which served as the highlight, there is no such scene in the former that bowls one over. The climax is nothing but predictable. It becomes quite a pain to wait for the end to near as the usual brawls keep occurring. Nonetheless, Taapsee makes up for many of the missing elements. Akshay, however, adds the zing in the dull plot."
After going through all these, the movie is definitely a must watch on our list we do not know about yours!

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