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6 Tricks so that men won't be able to stop thinking about you...

We all have a friend that every guy loves to go out with. She has guys so in love that they would do everything for her. You will be thinking, what is the magic formula? Is there any? The answer is YES! There is a formula that will make your crush think about you non-stop. It is much simpler than you can imagine and it will help you in a very positive way. The world of dating is frustrating but it is also very exciting at the same time.

It is not as hard as you think, but if you don't put in a little effort, it is not going to work either. Make sure to play your cards right. There's no point in putting all of your time and effort and seeing no result. So today, we will give you 6 very effective tricks!
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6 Tricks so that men won't be able to stop thinking about you... 1

1. Be Interesting

A pretty girl is not enough, you must have an interesting conversation. Of course, you will not be as interesting to everyone else as you are to your man, the secret of having a good conversation is to be good at listening to what he says. You also have to ask about his interests, his feelings, and his desires. Gather all that information so you can make him both, intellectually and physically excited. Look for common interests and talk about it.

2. Masculinity

Every man wants a woman who makes him feel that he is her protector. They like a radiant and feminine girl that attracts him in the same way that his masculine energy attracts you. Do you remember the cliché situation where you cannot open a bottle and you ask your man for help? They love it even if they do not say it! In short, they want a woman who sees them as her Hero and once you realize it you will see them as heroic as they appear to be in your heart and soul.

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1. Be Interesting

3. Follow the game

Men love to flirt with you, they always will at all times. It will be good if you follow the game, and by that we mean, play along to his playful banter. Reciprocate the feelings. The trick is, do not play the game all the time. Give some space in between flirting, it will leave them wanting more. Never respond in a rude way, sometimes you can just say no and after a while, start flirting again. They should always be thinking, or asking you, "Why do you make it so hard to flirt with you?" Because if you made it easy they will stop trying.

2. Masculinity

4. Independence

This is one area where many girls always ruin a relationship. They try to define their relationship by taking it to the next level or making them settle down. The need to feel safe always makes us a little crazy. If a guy calls or messages you, and they leave you hanging at your last response, don't think about it too much just let yourself go and enjoy. In due time, the relationship will be defined. Independence is a trait that makes you very attractive to a man. We are not going to suggest you with ideas to make him talk to you. If it does not work, there is something better that awaits you.

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3. Follow the game

5. Have your own life

You need to have your own life, especially when it comes to attracting a guy. Men's behavior can be compared to that of a cat. A cat will never chase a toy that is lying flat on the floor. When they have a toy that's hanging or moving in front of them but still a little out of reach is when they go crazy and will do anything to reach it. Do not reply to his messages in a minute, wait the whole day if you have to. Even if you are not busy, wait for a little while, do not appear to be desperate.

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6. Physical

Having a good figure is not what men always look for, they are looking for a girl who feels comfortable with herself and is noticed. Many women want to look thin, but that is not being healthy. You need to combine a healthy diet and an exercise that will help you maintain that figure that will give you the best confidence in you. Sometimes it is not just the physical aspect but also your attitude, how you live through life. This will help you to always get what you set out for.

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4. Independence

Now, these steps will help keep your man interested and he will not stop thinking about you or what you are doing at the time. If you see that he is not interested in you, then do not worry, there are more than 7 million people in the world and you will surely find someone else out there who shows the interest you deserve.

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Don't try too hard either, because if you do, it actually makes you look more desperate. Don't try to play hard to get either, because they are going to get uninterested and bored. You need to know your limits, only then it will work which will make him think about you all the time. Girl, you will be so tired, because you will be running through his mind all day!

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5. Have your own life
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