Published 2018-01-02
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6 Tricks so that men won't be able to stop thinking about you...

1. Be Interesting

A pretty girl is not enough, you must have an interesting conversation. Of course, you will not be as interesting to everyone else as you are to your man, the secret of having a good conversation is to be good at listening to what he says. You also have to ask about his interests, his feelings, and his desires. Gather all that information so you can make him both, intellectually and physically excited. Look for common interests and talk about it.

2. Masculinity

Every man wants a woman who makes him feel that he is her protector. They like a radiant and feminine girl that attracts him in the same way that his masculine energy attracts you. Do you remember the cliché situation where you cannot open a bottle and you ask your man for help? They love it even if they do not say it! In short, they want a woman who sees them as her Hero and once you realize it you will see them as heroic as they appear to be in your heart and soul.

You may never guess the NEXT point!

1. Be Interesting
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