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The daughter of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is no longer a little girl!

A couple of years ago, before the eyes of all American entertainment were on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Hollywood remained under the spell of other famous lovebirds. Although their marriage contracted in 2000 by Catherine Zeta-Jones (47) and Michael Douglas (72) was quite scandalous (as the star decided to formalize his relationship with the beautiful British just after divorcing Diandra Luker (61), with whom he had been married since 1977), the chemistry between the spouses was simply very strong.

Together despite the adversities

Although the most aggressive critics anticipated a quick separation and divorce between the two, everything indicates that, despite some other problems they have had to face during all the years they have spent together, Douglas and Zeta-Jones remain very close and as happy as ever. And we must admit that they have enough reasons to feel lucky!

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The most important? The family!

First of all, they try to dedicate themselves to their family: their son Dylan (17) (right), and Michael's firstborn, Cameron (38) (left), from his previous marriage, who apparently has stopped getting into trouble for which he had been imprisoned for a couple of years and, himself became a father recently. Since both Catherine and her husband are Oscar winners, they can be capricious when it comes to work: even so, none of them complains about lack of job offers.

In addition, although the tabloids occasionally report on the relapse of cancer that afflicted the famous actor of "Wall Street" until a few years ago, nowadays he is in good health. As the press has noted, the only daughter of the well-known Hollywood couple looks better than ever. As far as we can see in her latest photos, Carys (14) is no longer a little girl: she is very close to becoming a competition for her beautiful mother! Really...can you ask for more from life?

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Let us introduce you to Carys Zeta-Douglas

There is no doubt that the youngest offspring of Michael has inherited some physical features from her beautiful mother Catherine...although, depending on the image, it is also possible to see her great resemblance to the father. We bet that within a couple of years the girl will be able to attract all eyes in Hollywood and, perhaps, even get the title of "Miss Golden Globe." The person who is honored that way is traditionally a daughter (or son) of known people and accompanies their parents at the Golden Globe gala. Considering her ancestry, it seems more than likely!

Despite her young age, the teenager has already had the opportunity to take her first steps in show business and gain some popularity. Her official account on Instagram is followed by almost 14 thousand people (and it's a growing number) interested in the travel photos and everyday life that Carys usually posts there. Of course, all the images published by her on the Web have several comments where the Internet users discuss the features of the young girl...

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A copy of the mother, or of the father?

While the observers do not stop talking about the color of her hair, the shape of her eyes, the sweetness of her smile and the shape of her face, Carys continues to study and deal with the typical things of girls her age. As the sources close to the family has informed, although the daughter of Michael Douglas - unlike her older brother - is really attracted to the entertainment industry, at the moment, she prefers to focus on school issues and does not stop observing how her parents work.

In our opinion, the young woman has taken the best features of both parents and, for now, it is difficult to decide whom she looks like the most. What do you think? Do you think that in a few years her beauty will surpass that of her mother? Would you like to see her in a movie, or would you prefer celebrity children to stay away from the industry?

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