Published 2016-12-15
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Man gives the worst reason to get divorced

The reasons why couples separate or come to divorce can be endless. Sometimes few couples give themselves another opportunity, but most of them do not think twice before splitting apart. When a couple plans to marry, it is important that both of them should be sure about it at the first place, and know each other well enough to make that decision.

However, there are many such cases in the world where most couples break up without a second thought and then repent after everything is done. In most cases, they do not think twice. Here we have an example when a man wanted to get divorced with his wife because he saw her without makeup on the wedding night and did not like the surprise.

There is no doubt that every couple is different, and everyone has their reasons for wanting to end the relationship. If one person has done something that is unforgivable for the other, it may be more than enough to separate, but yet for others, it can be a source of forgiveness and start from the scratch. Sometimes, it may be that he or she feels good about different things, or gets attracted to some other person. In that case, it can be very complicated.

Most of the times it is not known whom to blame in such kind of situations because appearances can be deceiving, it may even be one of the two who wants to keep few secrets until the wedding day. The most certain thing is that both sides should know each other well before getting married. Do you agree with that?

A Saudi groom has decided to divorce his fair bride on their wedding night after seeing her face for the first time when the photographer asked them to pose for a picture. The couple, who were a native of the Saudi city of Madinah, had agreed to marry each other though they have never seen each other before. It's a very popular tradition in certain countries in the Middle East. Apparently, the surprise was not very nice to the groom.

When the bride looked at the camera and smiled, her new husband moved away in disgust. He instantly said, "That is not the girl I want to marry". He continued saying, "You're not as I had imagined. Sorry, but I want a divorce". According to the local newspaper Okaz, the bride immediately started crying and collapsed right in front of everybody. The guests tried to convince him and tried to find solutions.

But their efforts have'nt changed anything. The groom said he had not seen the face of his bride before marriage and he wanted to get a divorce which broke the girl apart. This news created a lot of controversy on the social networking sites. Afra wrote on a social platform in support of the bride, "We are caused great pain through his irresponsible attitude, and deserves to suffer".

"You must appreciate that beauty is in the character, not in your face. Unfortunately, many young people today are only interested in looks and ignore the values ​​and morals. May God give her a better husband who appreciates her for who she is and not how she looks". Abu Nass added, "He is not a man who can take on their responsibilities. It is totally and completely insensitive. No one had forced him to marry her."

"He should have insisted on seeing her before the wedding and then think of marrying her, and not wait until the wedding night. I hope he will always be a loser and he is never allowed to remarry. Not a man and lacks basic feelings." However, it is not the only case. Another husband of the Middle East divorced his wife after she did not answer a text message on WhatsApp. The man, who had married her two years ago, sent the message from his office and waited for a response from his wife. But it never came.

Thinking that something was wrong, he ran home and found her watching TV. When asked why she had not responded the women stated that she was busy chatting with friends and had thought to text him later. After hearing it the man decided to get divorced immediately. The husband said he was frustrated by the "seemingly" endless interest of his wife to use her cell phone to chat with friends and family. Is that a good reason to give up on your partner?
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