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Things you should know about an open relationship

For many people, the basis of a successful relationship is faithfulness, meaning as not entering intimate relations with anyone but their own partner. There are, however, people who understand fidelity a little differently. It is they who often decide on the so-called open relationship. But what do we even know about an open relationship?! Is it just as bad as we all think it is?! Is it as rule free as we all think!? Do both parties do whatever they want to do because there is no commitment involved?! In this article, we have the answers to all your questions.

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What is an open relationship?
At the beginning, it is worth explaining what an open relationship means because probably not everyone has an idea about this term. An open relationship is a system in which partners give themselves the right to establish intimate relationships with other people. Se*ual contacts with a people other than your own partner are not considered betrayal. What's more, people in such a relationship often tell each other about their experiences with other se*ual partners. According to this definition, this might be a terrible idea for many of us but stay with us to learn more.

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An open relationship is often decided by couples who live in a long distance relationship. The need for a longer trip to the other end of the country or abroad is a very difficult test for partners. In this situation, it is impossible to jointly meet se*ual needs. After some time, jealousy and distrust of the partner arise. People in a long distance relationship start to wonder if the other side is faithful to them. To give consent to physical contact with other people seems to some couples as an ideal way to survive separation and save a relationship. Not sure if that is the option we choose though.

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The open relationship is also often decided by couples who complain about the routine in bed. In this situation, coitus with other people is to have a positive effect on the sensual part of their life together.
But what are the disadvantages of an open relationship?! The disadvantages of an open relationship are often noticed by people who initially considered such an arrangement to be ideal. Not everyone can separate physical contact from feelings, so it happens that one of the partners begins to engage in a relationship that was supposed to be based only on se* or feels jealousy toward your partner.

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Couples who have opted for an open relationship due to separation, after re-residence together are not always able to return to the normal relationship model. Although some people opt for such a deal because of the desire to improve their common erotic life, the effects may turn out to be the opposite. Casual and routine se* life begins to seem boring, which is why there is a need for constant intimate contacts with other people.
Of course, this is not a relationship for everyone. Certainly not worth it for whom se* is inseparable from love.

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Does an open relationship make sense?
It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to whether the open relationship makes sense or not. It is undoubtedly a good idea to consider whether it is worth offering your partner such a deal. It is best to give up this idea if at least one of the parties has doubts about it. It is also worth getting acquainted with the stories of people who have decided on such a relationship and have seen the consequences of it. There are many ways to spice up your erotic life or make it easier for you to survive separation.

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It may be worth starting by trying other solutions before entering such a risky arrangement as an open relationship.
The basic assumption of an open relationship is the so-called "the right of betrayal."
According to research, 30 percent husbands allow se*ual betrayal of their partner. Wives who fantasize about other men are not much less, as much as 25 percent. The enormous scale of this phenomenon is evidenced by matrimonial announcements in various dating sites, where not only lonely women or men advertise themselves, but couples look for new incentives.

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There are the couple of things that you need to know before entering an open relationship of your own choice. Keep in mind that just because someone is in an open relationship does not mean that she or he is going to with whoever that crosses his/her road. Remember that even in open relationships, respect is the first thing. But also you need to know that if you are going to out with someone who is in an open relationship and that person already likes you, he/she might want to jump into the bed with you right away!

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There also are some rules that apply to the open relationship as well and if you have chosen to be with her/him, you need to respect those. Sometimes the person has set some rules with the first partner and getting into another relationship with someone new means that those rules need to be taken even more seriously like how many days you are going to meet this person or how far you can go when it comes to physical contact n bed. Things will not be much flexible because the ones that already are in this relationship have thought about every aspect.

Things you should know about an open relationship 9

One of the most important things in this relationship is knowing that just because she is in an open relationship does not mean that she is a cheater! There are some people that monogamy does not work for them and you need to respect that! She is not where she is because she has commitment issues or because she is reckless about other people’s feelings. If you have any question regarding the conditions of your relationship, just ask her candidly.

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