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Weird things you NEVER knew about your Zodiac sign!!!


All Aquarius borns already know that their independence is what they are well-known for but what they may not know is that they all always have cold feet and hands! That's because, Donna Stellhorn, an astrologer and Feng Shui expert, says, "Aquarius rules circulation in the body!" That might be the reason why they always want to turn the heater up!

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Born under the Pisces sign, are people that are incredibly creative and they always end up in artistic fields. Based on what Brook Belong on said, 7 is these people’s lucky number. Belong says that if they constantly notice number seven everywhere, it can indicate good timing for scholarly or adventurous endeavors.

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People that were born under this sign are courageous and confident. They were born to be leaders. But one very strange thing about all of them is the scar they have on their forehead! Stellhorn says, "Aries often have a scar on their head or face because Aries children tend to rush forward into every new experience. This leads to literal head injuries!"

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Taurus ones tend to be very practical and responsible people. They know how to handle their lives and how to manage their budget. Speaking of which, they are absolutely good with money. Stellhorn says, "Taurus rules money and surveys show the Taurus natives are more likely to earn more than 100K a year."

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Gemini is the sharpest and the most quick-witted person that has ever walked on planet earth! They are all already aware of that. They love exchanging ideas and they are so flexible. Above all that, they are more likely to be the winners! "Gemini rules thinking and more Nobel Prize winners are Gemini by percentage," Stellhorn says.

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Mentally these people are highly emotional. They will stay loyal to you, until their last breath. They also are determined and tenacious. There is something that they all have in common as well but it is a part of their physical traits. "Cancer natives are ruled by the Moon and tend to have round, moon-like faces," Stellhorn says.

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Their creativity is the talk of the town. Leo is the most creative one out of all Zodiac signs and they are very passionate about whatever they are doing. They all can use these two personality traits in order to succeed in their career. Stellhorn says "Leos love to put on a show and traditionally make the best salespeople."

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They are diligent and hardworking and that characteristic definitely pays off. They are analytical and practical. But all these are what they already know and for that, this may be predictable for them. Stellhorn says "Virgos have always been the highest achievers in school. Since they know how to study they're almost always the top of the game."

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Libra is the most cooperative Zodiac sign. They are completely rational and fair-minded. Their social skill is flawless. But do they happen to have any distinctive features on their face? Stellhorn says "Libras often have a dimple on their cheek." Aren't dimples just the most adorable facial features one can have?

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There is nothing that Scorpios aren’t passionate about. Relationships, work, hobbies and so many other things. They are passionate about literally everything. Stellhorn believes they all have the triangular point of hair that comes down to the center of their forehead.

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Generosity is the pillar of their character. Not only that, they also believe that they should live according to high standards.The intriguing thing regarding their face is that they none have an oval face! And according to Stellhorn, this has something to do with ruling the horses.

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Now, it finally is the time for Capricorn. What do we all know about this sign? That they all are responsible and disciplined. But is there something we may not know? Are we missing something? YES! These people NEVER age! They mostly look young for a very long time. Stellhorn says "That's because Capricorn rules aging.".
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