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6 Bollywood stars who performed the impossible with their perfect acting skill!

"He's managed to bring out that which I myself didn't realize I had within me. He has had a profound influence on me as an artiste. He has moulded me into the artiste that I am today. He has pushed me beyond barriers and has made me believe in the notion that there are no limits to what I can achieve as a performer. We have a very special connection - something the entire fraternity and audience acknowledges and recognizes. And this is most evident when we collaborate on a hot set together -"

"- when we are in the thick of shooting a scene - that's when the chemistry can be witnessed in all its glory. Being directed by him is by far one of the most rewarding and fulfilling creative experiences I have had in my entire life. His relentless pursuit of excellence inspires me to raise my game every single time I go out and perform.". Ranveer is quite famous for delving so deep into the character that makes the other stars a bit uncomfortable as the experience that Sonakshi Sinha had in Lootera.

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