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Indian astrology of men and women born in SEPTEMBER!

Thanks to different types of astrology that we have, we can just search online and read all about the month we were born in or the zodiac sign we were born under! We have also covered a vast ground on this subject, however, the one that we have not touched yet is the Indian astrology of the months which we will be covering in the following series. Each month will be divided into 2 parts based on the gender and the positive and negative common traits of each will be covered. In this article, we will be talking about SEPTEMBER borns! Ready?!

September born men

September born men

The September born man is quite charming and he mostly acts in the best way possible. The September born man is like your prince in a shining armor on a white horse who is coming to rescue you from everything. Even in the twenty-first century, he has not forgotten the meaning and feeling of an old fashion love. This man has a collection of all kinds of perfume. Think about a September born man you know of, don’t you think he is way too fancy for a guy?! This man is the sweetest person ever.

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September born men 1

Men that were born in this month hate hurting other people. They all make sure to make ladies feel respected even more than men. On a bus or even train, they will stand up to give you their seat. They are not unfaithful but they also cannot not appreciate the beauty! Well, beauty is created to be appreciated, isn’t it so?! They always want to look alluring and handsome and they rarely fail. If they have the money to dress as fancy as they want to dress, they will wear silk coat not because they have a great position in the society but because they love to wear the best and be the best.

September born men 2

Their feelings come from their mind more than their heart. But because their star is Venus, they think they are hopeless romantics even though they sometimes are stone cold. The men that were born in this month can sometimes also be quite clumsy and impolite. There is always a good side and a bad side! A September born father is someone who sacrifices everything. They are not fond of toddlers but as soon as their kids start talking, they become the favorite of their kid. These people are just the ones you want!

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September born men 3

It is way easier for a September-born to live a single life than other men. He believes in destiny and karma so if there is no one that he clicks with, then he just thinks that he was meant to be alone. Probably, for this reason, you see so many of September-born men that are single. According to what we mentioned, it might be quite surprising for you to know that they care so much when it comes to choosing their partner. However, he is incredibly seductive. He knows exactly how to act when it comes to women and since he doesn’t care much, it is so simple for him to attract women.

September born men 4

As fast as he can draw women to himself, he breaks their heart just at the same pace. Others, when they break a lady’s heart, they feel guilty but that feeling does not exist in a September born man. The fact that he chooses his partner so painstakingly makes him rarely regret his decisions. Of course, he is no exception, so you might find a September born man who didn’t have a successful marriage but that is not very likely to happen. He thinks of everything as innocent and beautiful and for that, his love is always the same way. He doesn’t believe in love at first sight. He needs to check every single thing to make sure the significant other is just the right one for him.

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September born men 5

September born women

The September born ladies are one of the most beautiful ladies you have ever met entire your life. They even dress to kill! The whole package that will leave the first impression on you that you will never be able to forget! They are incredibly involved and in love with fashion that sometimes they become fashion designers. This lady enjoys being in other people’s company and rarely you can find them all alone. Only if they live alone the chances of which are quite low. They have so many friends around them.

September born women

The lady that is born in this month wants to be a great host but also she is not a fan of working too hard to fulfill that! Imagine they bring you something as basic as biscuits in a fancy dish. If one day you meet a girl who smells like fine pastry, be sure that she is a September born. If you want to win her heart, all you need is a bottle of perfume and a bouquet of flowers. Make sure that the color of the flowers petals matches the bottle of perfume. They fall in love with the aurora so knowing this, you are one step ahead of her other lovers.

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September born women 1

If one day you saw her dressing the worst way possible, make sure that she had an argument with her significant other. These ladies are not born to be mothers but they try their hardest. Even though she tries, one day her kids might wake up and not find her in the house anymore. She familiarizes the kids with books from a very young age and dresses them the best way possible. No one likes changing the diapers but these ladies hate it so much that it is better for the safety of the kid and everyone to have the father doing it!

September born women 2

A September born lady is so sensitive and emotional. She is courageous and has a beautiful soul. She is looking for true love and she is willing to do anything for her partner and her family. She is incredibly loyal. Since Virgin is the word they use to address September borns, people might think that they are actually quite intact and innocent but the chance of them being wrong is pretty high! Do not forget that this might appeal to someone and may not to the rest! People’s personality and appearance differ depending on so many different factors.

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September born women 3
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