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14 Messages that men love to receive

Although it is well known that the people of the contemporary world are not very good at expressing their feelings and, unlike their peers, tend to keep most emotions, this does not mean they do not feel comfortable when they receive text messages in which women confirm their love they feel for them, and the support they so badly need. A pleasant phrase never hurts, as your boyfriends, husbands, and partners often need only a small gesture from you to feel like the kings of the world. Here are some examples of the phrases that everyone loves to hear or read without exception.

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# 1: "I love you and I want you to know" No matter how strong and difficult they are, they also need to feel secure about our feelings for them. Also, they prefer that we express ourselves in this respect with some direct prayers. This is the first text that works for everyone with no exceptions!

# 2: "You are the man of my life" By listening or reading a phrase like this one, the heart of any gentleman melts in a matter of seconds. We bet there is no better way to praise them and influence their self-esteem. If you have not said anything similar yet, try it!

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# 3: "You are my sun/my ray of light" Do you like it when other people put you as their ideal to follow or you become the reason for their strength? Of course. Men are equal and, therefore, appreciate any mention of value from us as their partner.

# 4: "I love to laugh with you" The moments of laughter in our life are always unique, but when we spend them in the company of a loved one, they simply do not have a price. The next time you cannot stop the laughter, tell him how much you love laughing with him and watch his reaction ...

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# 5: "It's a perfect night to sleep in your arms" We all feel anxious about the good or nice things we know are coming. Do you wonder why this particular phrase seems so tender to you? Precisely because it sounds like a promise from one!

# 6: "I want to kiss you" Speaking of promises, the following message is a step towards the pleasure related to being in a relationship. Sincerely, who would not have liked to receive a text message like one of these?

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# 7: "Promise me that you will always be mine" Even the most stable and long-lasting relationships need to continue reinforcing the existing feelings between the two parties. One of the best ways to do it is to "mark the territory" in a subtle way: men in love also love to dream of being next to their beloved one until the end!

# 8: "I need you in my life" The mentioned point has to do with a great truth: every man, by nature, needs to feel needed and loved, admired and valued by the chosen woman. If you see that your partner is going through a hard time, just tell them; It will not take long to recompose knowing that you are essential.

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# 9: "You are very handsome" Not only do we enjoy the compliments that refer to our physical appearance: the male ego also appreciates any show of admiration, although he does not crave them as much as women. By highlighting how attractive he is, you will influence his self-esteem and make sure that he even looks better than before!

# 10: "You make me a better person" Although many of us believe that men are not impressed by deep communications, it is not true. Since the main desire of our partners is to change our lives (and change it for the better), most would appreciate a phrase like that more than expected. If you do not believe us, try it...

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# 11: "To have you in my life is a blessing" Like the previous one, this prayer also refers to the feeling of gratitude so typical of women who are happily in love. Actually, there are many more ways to express it, so if you do not convince either, you can try.

# 12: "Thank you for being as you are" Since we all yearn to be perfect and most human beings always believe that we are not attractive enough, ready, good or talented, statements like this directed towards others are really priceless. Being accepted with all our faults is the best thing that can happen to us in life, and men also realize that.

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# 13: "You make me crazy" So that life does not lose its charm, from time to time it needs to be dressed with a pinch of passion and madness. The following example serves perfectly well to break the routine and add some more enthusiasm to the messages of love. We advise you to check it as soon as possible!

# 14: "I miss you already" It is well known that one only misses the people he loves, right? So, what can be better than a show of affection that indicates longing and the desire to see your man again?
Which of these 14 phrases has surprised you the most?

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