Published 2018-01-11
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8 Pictures of CELEBS they would never want you to see!

Stars always try to look perfect. The entire staff of stylists is working on their outfits and make-up, and the hairdresser's visit becomes a daily routine. Therefore, when someone succeeds in taking a photo of celebrities in awkward situations or without makeup, people are starting to go crazy. We don't know why but for many nothing is more satisfying than the failures of famous figures.

Now we are giving you a chance to see photos of celebs about which they would like to forget!

1. Kylie Jenner (20)

1. Kylie Jenner (20)

Kylie Jenner is known as a member of very famous Kardashian family and for dramatic interferes with her appearance. This young girl has already had several cosmetic procedures, although she stubbornly denies that she submitted to surgery. On one of the photos, you can see clearly that there is something wrong with her neckline. Clear spots are the result of the contours of the neckline, thanks to which it supposed to seem bigger. Unfortunately, unsuccessful make-up made stain totally noticeable on the photo. Certainly, Kylie would have preferred that no one ever learn what tricks she uses to make the perfect body.

1. Kylie Jenner (20) 1

2. Justin Bieber (23)

Justin Bieber a few months ago was accused of spitting in some women's bottle of water in the gym. Of course, the artist denied that this was the case. Recently, however, one of the paparazzi took a photo of the young singer, which clearly shows that he spits on fans from the hotel's balcony. This is undoubtedly a sign of disrespecting people and bad parenting. Someone here does not deserve to be called an idol.

2. Justin Bieber (23)

3. Taylor Swift (28)

The unwanted accident also happened to popular singer Taylor Swift. During one of the performances, the artist strolled the stage in a light blue dress, and as she turned, a blast of wind lifted it up. Everyone in the audience could see her underwear, which in addition wasn't especially attractive. Probably Taylor would have preferred this situation to never take place, and the pictures showing her underwear never existed.

4. Ariana Grande (24)

It is said that no matter how, but it is good if they talk about us. And although a young singer has nothing to be ashamed of, she probably would not want to be the a mock and object of many sneering mems. And all because of the photo of the artist's performance during Victoria's Secret lingerie show. The show was perfect until one of the models accidentally hit Ariana with a big wing. The singer crouched, avoiding the impact but making a terrified look. Bad luck was that she was photographed at the moment, and her face became the inspiration for the jokes of her.

5. Nicholas Cage (53)

Famous actor Nicholas Cage has thousands of photos with fans. But one of them stands out among others. The actor clearly looks exceptionally tired on it. Representatives of the artist explained that he was exhausted from travelling at that time. Although the picture is not perfect, the woman on the photo seems very happy and we can say that she is undoubtedly the owner of one of the most original pictures of her idol.

6. Katy Perry (33)

Katy Perry is a beautiful woman with a wonderful voice and body. We can listen to her at concerts, but her curves were exposed for all those who saw these photos. During one of the visits to the pool, the swimsuit of the artist shifted, showing her body. The paparazzi quickly took advantage of the opportunity taking a lot of photos. Fortunately, the singer turned the situation into a joke, and today probably she does not remember it.

3. Taylor Swift (28)

7. Nicki Minaj (35)

Before the concerts, artists have all checked and practised before. However, singer probably did not anticipate this. On one of the photos of Nicki Minaj's show, you can see that her buttocks look strange and unnatural. There is no doubt that this indicates that something is wrong with the singer's butt. On the Internet, there was already a discussion whether it is the effect of injected fillers or implantation surgery to enlarge buttocks. Certainly, the star did not want such an effect.

8. Marc Anthony (49)

This picture shows that although celebrities in our opinion are idealised to the limit, and their appearance is always considered perfect, they are the same people as us. Their bodies react to the temperature just like all humans. Only that many of us do not have to pose in uncomfortable situations to the pictures! Probably after making these photos, Marc Anthony regretted his shirt selection...

The Internet is ruthless and never forgets. You have seen some examples of stars that show that they also have bad moments and time of weakness. It's also a proof that without photoshop, no one is perfect. So you do not have to worry if something like this will happen to you too. In addition, it turns out that some people are not worth to be a behavior example...

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4. Ariana Grande (24)
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