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This girl can turn into any Disney character

The world of Disney is something that charms a lot of people. It is so popular that the devoted fans share anything that can express their passion for these characters to show the world what they are capable of doing. These people can do extraordinary things using inspiration from Disney. In this case, we have makeup artist Saraswati, who is a loyal fan of Disney. She became famous on Instagram for her makeup pictures in which she uses her hijab (veil) to complete the full transformation into Disney characters. She loves to share this hobby with her followers and Disney fans. Here are some of the photos that can prove how talented she is.


We can see here how Saraswati dressed up as Ariel and she did it really well. The hijab perfectly mimics Ariel's red hair and the eyeshadow representing the greenish-blue tones of the sea was incredible. She also wore a little blush to keep Ariel's cheeks red. Seems like nothing, even a hijab cannot stop this girl!

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In another photo which you can see down below, she was inspired by the Chinese princess, Mulan. Capturing the essence of the warrior in a very delicate way, she managed to achieve an incredible result. How did she manage to look so much alike? The resemblance between Saraswati and Mulan is striking. The hijab was brilliantly employed to look like Mulan's tied hair, and the makeup is identical. The expression and the clothes with Asian style transform the character desired. Great job, really fantastic!


This time the makeup artist used the hijab to perfectly resemble the hair in a totally different way, making it appear that the hair is on both sides of the head naturally. The expression on the face with a faint smile shows little Alice's innocence and joy. The makeup used is appropriate, without exaggeration of the blush or the base.

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The joyful Disney Fairytale could not be left out of this collection of transformations in Disney characters for her. The makeup artist knew how to play with the hijab in a very creative way, to remake the hair of Tinkerbell, imitating everything about the fairy in Peter Pan. The green tones in the eyeshadow, the dress, and the bow combine very well with the blond "hair" created by her. The finishing touch is Saraswati's joyful and friendly pose (characteristic of the fairy) to represent the character to perfection.


She was able to imitate the character's hair again with a splendid result. The skin tone is perfect, and the work on the eye area is impressive. In addition to the hoop earrings, the necklace and the hair ornament make the final result even more professional and accurate. How does she make the hair look so natural using only fabric?!

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Cruella de Vil

This character is known worldwide for being one of the evilest. Remember how she wanted to wipe out the poor little dogs to make fur coats? But the makeup artist decided to play her too. As you can see, with the makeup, she managed to make the cheekbones as pronounced as possible to mimic the face of the character. The eyes painted with a spectacular green and the flashy red of the lips show the well-elaborated work and of high level.

Queen of Hearts

We returned to Wonderland but this time in the hand of the Queen of Hearts. Here it is possible to appreciate that the makeup itself is really complicated and has a much higher value since it is not only needed to use the proper base to match the skin tone but there is also great work needed in the eye area, the blush, and the lips.

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Better than making the villain of the animated version of the movie "Sleeping Beauty" is to represent the villain that Angelina Jolie has given life to in theaters. The villain in the story "Sleeping Beauty" is another of the Disney villains on the list. It is incredible how she represented Maleficient in such a way that she knew how to emphasize the cheekbones to create the same form of the villain's face. A strong red for the lips and green eyes. The work on the eye area is spectacular. The pale tone of the base is very well applied.


The evil witch of the sea also takes place in this compilation of transformations with Saraswati's makeup skills. It really is quite difficult to represent this character because she is bigger than normal and Saraswati is a lean woman. But this was no inconvenience to her because she perfectly recreated the villain of the sea.

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"Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?" Pocahontas' music already announced the surprise of what the makeup artist had in store for us this time. Saraswati can handle even the smallest detail when it comes to the Pocahontas theme. The tone of the skin is very similar to the protagonist in the film, besides the typical paintings of the indigenous tribes. She did a great job because she needed to be very careful and needed to get to that level of detail. The eye area and expression are incredible. Great work!


The skin tone she used to represent Bella is just perfect. Usually, when someone wants to dress up to look like Bella, they usually exaggerate a bit on the skin color, getting a lot more than it should be. The yellow earrings and the ribbon that seems to hold Bella's hair is mindblowing!

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Jasmine in red

In addition to Jasmine's blue outfits, she also ventured into another version of the princess. Saraswati seems to have a special affection for Jasmine and made another makeup inspired by her. In this case, she chose a scene from the movie in which Jasmine appears in a red suit. As you can see, she wore a different type of earrings and a crown. Although the skin tone is different from the previous Jasmine, if you look carefully, depending on the colors that accompany the makeup, it is the same as the cartoon picture.

Cheshire Cat

Maybe you do not know it by name since it is not very common. If we say, that it's the crazy, smiling cat in the movie "Alice in Wonderland," you'll probably remember. Although it is really difficult to represent an animal, she managed to be mimic as close as possible to the Cheshire cat.

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