Published 2018-01-12
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Touching FAREWELL of a grandfather and his granddaughter in hospice...

The death of beloved people is always a painful experience, full of regret, suffering, hurt, tears, rebellion and despair. No matter who you lost - whether it's your mother, father, friend, brother, husband, daughter or wife, regardless of the circumstances of death - the loss hits the heart. Death of a loved one. How to deal with unbelievable suffering? How to accept feelings of abandonment and loss? How to knowingly go through the process of grief and recovery? Through what stages of mourning passes an orphan man?

Ally Parker from Florida, USA, will soon have to go through tough times and face passing away of her father, Sean, and her 5-year-old daughter, Braylynn, called "Princess Braylynn" by her. It is likely to happen even before this summer starts... Doctors of both the granddaughter and her grandfather say there is no hope of recovering... not even one... But we sometimes hear about miracles that happen in the world - some people are healed from their diseases, even the serious ones. Maybe the two do not have to pass away now? Maybe there's a hope somehow?

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The story of grandfather Sean and his granddaughter Braylynn is so moving that most people cannot hold back their tears. Last year in December, doctors diagnosed a brain cancer in a small girl's body. The family had a lot of hope in alternative medicine, they even travelled with Braylynn to Mexico, but her condition was getting worse and worse in the course of time and the 5-year-old girl is now in hospice. Doctors say she has only a few days left to live. The world is so unfair since such young creatures have to suffer...

Brain cancer, the normal name of which is a cancerous brain tumor, is one of the possible brain tumors. It is caused by the multiplication of tumor cells in brain tissue. Not every brain tumor is cancer, because the word "cancer" means only a malignant tumor derived from epithelial cells. The prognosis for brain cancer depends on its nature - benign or malignant - and location. Due to the fact that they are treated mainly surgically (only after the operation chemotherapy and radiotherapy are used) - brain cancer located more externally will be easier to remove.

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They say it is likely that the grandfather and his granddaughter will pass away very soon. One of them is claimed to die and the other one - a few weeks later. Ally Parker's father and Braylynn's grandfather suffers from ALS, which is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He has been given by doctors several weeks of life. But it doesn't have to be like that... Sometimes doctors predict the time that patients are going to live, but sometimes they can be wrong...

ALS - Atrophic lateral sclerosis (Latin: SLA sclerosis lateralis amyotrophica) is a progressive neurological disease. Its essence is the gradual paralysis of peripheral nerve fibers, responsible for motor functions of the muscles and neurons in the brain responsible for movement. This paralysis inevitably leads to death. The disease affects the elderly (60-70 years old), usually men. In the advanced stage of the disease, when there is muscle paralysis in the mouth and esophagus, speech therapy and special diet are necessary. In the case of a significant weakening of the swallowing reflex, intragastric or gastrostomy feeding is used.

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Ally Parker shared a touching picture on Facebook and posted there: "Princess Braylynn is still with us. Her pulse is barely there and we can not feel it, but we can hear it with a stethoscope. Nurses say she may not make it through the next hour, but miracles can still happen. I have been in her bed most of the time, a photographer came for a few hours, my dog Sadie (The one whose bed Braylynn takes over all the time) is here, and we're just waiting for Aunt Wu to get here to say her goodbyes. Today has been extremely difficult and I have no idea how I'm going to handle the next couple of hours. No one is handling this well..."

"In the coming days, I will be forced to pay the funeral of my beautiful little daughter. In a few months, maybe even weeks, my dad", wrote Ally on Facebook. In the picture shared by Ally we can see her 5-year-old daughter Braylynn and her father Sean together in hospice. The girl is laying in bed, there's no way to contact her since she's connected to medical apparatus keeping her alive. A teddy bear and other toys are surrounding her laying on her bed. There's her grandpa sitting on a special invalid chair and his suffering face can be seen right away, he's holding a pillow on his knees. And look what he has printed on his T-shirt: "DO IT FOR THE LOVE"...

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