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A mysterious hand captured in this photograph was taken 118 years ago...

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that the manipulation that is often demonstrated in digital images does not always allow us to believe what we see. Nowadays, thanks to new technologies it is possible to change some details in any digital photography without a great effort. The field of technology has a large number of programs capable of doing everything (a good example of this can be Photoshop).
These types of tools make it easy for anyone to touch up the photo, no matter if you want to remove an element from it, add another or simply make the shot more attractive.

In addition, at each step on the Web, we find the photographs whose authenticity is difficult to find out immediately, precisely because of the touch-ups.
In this article, we have an example of an authentic photo, which surely had never been retouched. At first glance, this black and white photo appears to be one of the most common and current, despite being quite old and being taken a long time ago.

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When looking at it carefully, this photograph taken 118 years ago, can provoke this strange sensation of the chills going down your spine. The photo from the year 1900, taken in an old mill in the city of Belfast (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom) was published on the Belfast Live portal as part of a historical gallery dedicated to the local vanished trades, which in their time served as source of sustenance for the inhabitants of the ancient city.

Mainly, in the image, you can see a group of 15 working and barefoot girls who pose in front of the camera with their arms crossed. In the faces of some of them, we can observe a shy smile, while others are quite serious. However, it is easy to notice in this scene a spooky detail. Take a closer look at the picture and see if you can find the spooky feature in the photo.

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In the right part of the photograph, on the right shoulder of one of the girls something that does not go well with the common nature of the image has been hidden: a hand that does not belong to any of the girls in the photo. In addition, taking into account that all workers have their arms crossed, the image is mysterious. And we cannot blame the Photoshop for it since no one had any idea what Photoshop was back in the days. So what are your throughout?! Where do you think this hand came from?!

The "protagonist" of the photo was recognized by her own granddaughter, and at the same time, a reader of the newspaper who decided to write to tell the story captured in the 1900 photo. Lynda Donnelly commented as follows: "Great to see an old photo of my Granny, in the by-gone years photo, when she worked at the mill. ... She was Ellen Donnelly (nee McKillop) and she is fourth on the right in the second row down. My dad has this photo at home… a family ghost picture!!", explained Lynda.

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However, there was another fact related to the woman, who also drew attention to the newsroom. The granddaughter of Ellen Donnelly commented: "I don't really believe in ghosts – but there have been a few odd going-on around this photo, so I hope this doesn't cause anymore! But did anyone spot the mysterious hand on the girl on the right shoulder?"
That is it! If even she sees it and she has no explanations for it, we have no idea how to justify it anymore!

It is worth adding that the experts tried to find out what happened in this photo, but unfortunately, they could not determine it. To this day we do not have the answer to the question to whom the mysterious hand could belong? What do you think? Have you ever encountered a similar or equally chilling image? Share them with us in the comment section.

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