Published 2018-01-12
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9 Characteristics of women that make men go crazy!

Love is a difficult word to explain because it is not just a word. It is a lot more than that and we cannot put that into words but what we all know is that it feels weirdly fine! It has a different definition for men and for women. Each party appreciates different values. As it has been said millions of time, women fall with what they hear, men fall with what they see.

Here we are going to give you 9 characteristics of women that men love…

1. Eye for fashion

Come on! You never believe it when they say they don’t care about the way you look, right? Why don’t you try going out in the worst way possible to witness how they actually care?! It's worth the try! Men always appreciate a woman who is well-dressed. A simple, yet elegant look is enough. Something that makes him proud that YOU are his partner.

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2. Openness

Men cannot read the subtle signs and gestures sent to them by women and do not trace the hidden meanings of spoken words. They respect the girls who say openly what they expect and announce it in a simple, clear way. Being moderately open at the first meeting is therefore desirable because it prevents awkward situations.

3. Independence

Despite the prevailing myths, men love women who are independent, although they may give the impression that they fear them. When a woman is doing what she loves, he feels satisfied. If a woman cannot cope without her man, and she cannot do the simplest things, such a relationship becomes tiring, at least for one side.

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4. Coquetry

Flirting is the universal form of showing that you are interested in someone. It is a form of communication in which both genders can be experts but ladies mostly are unaware of their capability in this field. Women can make men fall for them without them knowing, the man will think that it was his charm that made it happen!

5. Smile

As we just mentioned, men fall for what they see, so smile. But not a fake one. Smile beautifully. The way you smile can capture the guy’s attention. There is a reason why Julia Roberts is every guy’s dream girl! Sincere and natural smile, reveals the true nature of women. Also, the loud laughter of men can draw the appropriate conclusions. So, smile often, you may attract the attention of a man who seems to be unattainable.

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6. Respect yourself

Men like women who cling to their own values ​​and ideals, which will not change because of someone whom they just got to know. Women that respect themselves and do not care about other people's judgments, know their values better and are more confident. Don't forget that the guy acts towards you just the way you act towards yourself. That way no one will dominate the relationship.

A mysterious and sensual woman is the dream of most men. The more mysterious the woman, the more eager the guy is to know her. That is exactly what keeps them drawn to the woman. The secret lies in the gesture and behaviour of the lady but don't overdo it, because not being able to decode you, will make the guy tired and he will leave!

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8. Sense of humor

Men after a short conversation evaluate what is going on in your mind. A woman on a similar intellectual level and with the similar sense of humour extremely attracts men. If you know how to tease and joke around, you can keep things interesting and consequently, you can keep the man in your life for a longer period of time.

9. Kindness

This is probably what every man is looking for in the woman. Because if she is not kindhearted, the chances of their relationship working out are close to zero! Men who are looking for a long-term partner are searching for a girl who is kindhearted because things will be way easier with someone like that.

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