Published 2018-01-12
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9 Feminine traits that make men fall deeply in love

Throughout the life of a woman, there is usually an average of something between 7 and 10 intimate partners, compared to 9 to 12 that men usually only remember. According to the well-known dating page the perfect average is considered 10. Although we believe that everything lies in a curvy body or a fit one, the truth is that the visual impact only means something so trivial after a while and it quickly dilutes. To make that attraction last more than just one date, we show you the 9 traits that WILL make your partners fall at your feet.

1. Sweetness

At present, it is very common to confuse sweetness with weakness, causing many women to try to be hostile as a measure to defend themselves. At first, it comes across as a way to show the world that you are someone very valid, but that can make you stay alone. Most men find a person who does not have a pleasant behavior unattractive, just as a sweet smile can make a problem disappear, an aggressive response can make a possible suitor leave. It is important that you always seek to be yourself at all times of your life.

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2. Never criticize

When you criticize someone, you are showing that you are a person who loves to speak badly of someone who is not in front of you. This usually instills doubts about whether you really do the same with the person in front of you or if you just vent on him. Try also to avoid doing it in front of your colleagues, family or friends, since they might interpret it in the wrong way. You also have to bear in mind that, although you can love gossip, you will always end up getting more information if you do not count on EVERYTHING you know about someone. Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.

3. Sense of humor

Being able to laugh at yourself is one of the ways to demonstrate your superior intelligence. It also makes all the people around you feel comfortable, causing any man to feel a special sympathy towards you. You have to know how to properly handle this tool to avoid that they only see you as a simple friend, but if you manage to use the rest of your womanly weapons wisely, you will undoubtedly be able to conquer any heart that you target.

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4. Ability to have an interesting conversation

It's not a question of always being quiet since that does not make you look too attractive either. It is important that you know how to control the turns in any conversation, listen when necessary and give your opinion without overwhelming the speaker. Most men feel a great attraction for women who know how to listen to them and who are able to talk about any possible topic. Undoubtedly, this will serve in different aspects of your life, so it is not only limited to find a partner.

5. Independence

The idea that has been sold over the years is that men like to protect their partners. But nothing could be further from the reality that everyone likes having someone who can stand on their own and by their side. It does not mean that you will never have the chosen one, but that you manage to solve your own problems and that you choose what moments you are going to spend with your partner. Again, balance is the key to not become too inaccessible without leaving your own personal space.

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6. Intuition

Female intuition, one of the greatest myths that have been cultivated over the years, is nothing more than an ability to understand something deeply without the need for conscious reasoning. Getting him to become your ally is something very simple for you, as a woman, since you have developed an innate capacity to detect conflicts. Do not hesitate to let yourself be carried away by it and learn from the moments when it fails you. Everything is a matter of learning when you succeed and when not. You have been born with one of the greatest blessings for many men. Seize it.

7. Authenticity

As we have reflected throughout the article, it is important that you always be true to your own personality; otherwise, your true self would eventually appear sooner or later. If that interior does not correspond to what you have sold, you will end up disappointing your partner. Simply try to make your own virtues more pleasant than your own shortcomings, and you will create a balance and conquer the person you have been craving for.

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8. Naturalness

When we dream of an idyllic person, we often see hundreds of actors and models. But at the moment of truth, they are not the ones who end up at our side. It is therefore important that you do not seek perfection through physique, but that the person who ends up by your side is attracted to what you can offer. Always try to be faithful to your true self and work on your appearance to get what you need to feel attractive. What has to come, will come when it should. Not before, not after.

9. Femininity

The vision of femininity has been distorted over the years due to the canons of beauty that are imposed on society. But knowing how to make your best profile does not depend on what others think, but on how you want to be worthy. Always try to exploit your best weapons so as not to depend on dreaming about having what you DO NOT have. Most men are more attracted to safety, more than the perfection in the body. Fight to defend your own personal beauty.

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