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Celebrities you had no idea were teen moms

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Fame came right on time for Keisha Castle-Hughes in the wake of finding her first leading role in a movie at the age of 13 in Whale Rider. The local New Zealander overwhelmed Hollywood by turning into the most youthful ever performer selected by the Academy Awards for Best Actress. Not that bad for a high schooler, isn't it? With clear talent, the young performing artist went ahead to star in memorable movies including Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and popular TV show, Game of Thrones.
At only 16 years of age, she revealed that she and partner, Bradley Hull, were pregnant. In April of 2007, Hughes brought a little girl into the world, Felicity-Amore Hull. In spite of the fact that Hull and Hughes have split in 25-year-old Hollywood star is occupying herself with parenthood and her skyrocketing career.

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Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith started working in a fast food chain of fried chicken after she dropped out of high school. When she was 18, she married Billy Wayne, and in a year they had a son named Daniel Wayne.
After her divorce in 1993, Smith launched her modeling career. But unfortunately tragedy struck in 2006 when Anna was giving birth to her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead, she found that her elder son had died in the hospital due to an overdose of three different types of drugs. The following year, Smith died of an overdose. Leaving poor Dannielynn an orphan at a young age.

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Aretha Franklin

Known as the Queen of Soul, Aretha accidentally launched her career in music as a young gospel singer at her father's church. Not long after, she gave birth to her son at the age of 14, it was also the time when her mother had died.
The singer had stated that it was one of the most difficult times in her life.
She later gave birth to 3 more sons when she was only 15, 22 and 28 respectively. Gosh! That's a pretty hard life! We don't know we could've gone through that kind of pressure. And three kids at a young age! Cheers to her for being so brave and strong! She has all our RESPECT.

Jamie Lynn-Spears

Sister of famous singer Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn-Spears was a young star of her own Nickelodeon TV series called, Zoey 101. When the young star announced she was pregnant at the age of 16, Nickelodeon was forced to put the show on a temporary pause.
It was only because the media went crazy over the fact that a teen idol was influencing the young viewers about teen pregnancy. She gave birth to her daughter, Maddie, in June 2008. Today, she's in the midst of launching her music career again and while she's not doing that, she's spending time with her husband, Jamie Watson.

Sofia Vergara

Coming from the heart of Columbia, she gained her fame by acting in the popular TV show, Modern Family. She started her career as a host during the 90's and the slowly worked her way up to TV in 2003. She wholeheartedly raised her son as well as worked on her Hollywood career. Now that she has gained herself a name in the industry, she has introduced her her 23-year-old son into the spotlight as well. Now that’s family goals, we hope to see that young hottie in gracing all our screens pretty soon! *drools*

Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor was just 13 years of age when her modeling profession had propelled. By 14, she won a modeling pageant that gave her a $500,000 contract. Being the face of magazine covers on Seventeen and Vogue, Taylor quickly discovered popularity, wealth, and love at 18 years of age.
Taylor's life took a whirlwind start after she met Matt Martinez, a linebacker for the Miami Hooters. Fast forward three months, the lovebirds ran away to Vegas and, soon after, reported that they were pregnant. At only 20 years, Taylor brought twin boys, Jake and Hunter, into the world. At the same time, her marriage was gradually working its way to separation. However, that didn't stop her from finding love again. In about 10 years she met Burney Lamar, a NASCAR driver. After three dates they tied the knot in two months. Taylor without any doubt moves quickly with regards to love!

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Savannah Brinson

LeBron James and his wife, Savannah Brinson had their son, LeBron Jr., when Brinson was just 18 years old. Four years later, they had a daughter named, Zhuri. After two kids a blooming career, the high school sweethearts got married on September 14, 2013. Now, Brinson has her own interior designing company. This is a true example of true love, from high school to today.

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Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles, an American singer, model and actress had a great start to her career after her sister Beyonce rose to fame. Instead of sharing the spotlight with her sibling, she decided to go her own way and released, Solo Star, her first album, in 2003, when she was only 16.
During the next two years, Knowles life had been busy with her career and personal life as she had tied the knot with Daniel Smith and gave birth to their son Daniel Julez J. Her pregnancy was unexpected, but she said that her son was the “greatest unplanned blessing”. Soon after her marriage had hit rock bottom. Now, she’s spending time on her new album, and when she’s not working she’s with her husband, Alan Ferguson.

Bristol Palin

Pregnancy of the daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin didn’t come to light until her mother, Sarah, became a Vice President candidate during the campaign of 2008 that had Barack Obama and John McCain together.
Now that her family was well known, the rumors of the teen Bristol’s pregnancy was confirmed by the media throughout the country, which was during her mother’s campaign.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou led an amazing life, from a cook to dancer to journalist and to a famous poet and author. She had gone through loads of ups and downs. Angelou lived with her mother after her parents divorce in St.Louis where she was abused by her mother’s boyfriend at the age of 8.
Having a troubled childhood, she was silent for around 5 years, this made her get into poetry. She gained confidence and allowed her to trust once more, once she found a way to finder voice through poetry. In 1945, when she was 17, she brought her only child into this world, Guy Johnson. This writer’s life is a modern mystery since her personal life was kept under wraps, in spite of having seven autobiographies.

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