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Things that different signs are NOT capable of

Like every human being, all the signs of the zodiac have some strengths and are related to certain defects. The failures, of course, in the opinion of many seem more important, since their recognition helps in the development of our characters and allows us to improve as people. What you are about to read is not intended to offend anyone, but to point out some characteristics that are worth eradicating. Take a look at the following paragraphs and discover what you will never be able to do. Remember that we all have weaknesses ...
What is yours?

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ARIES: Although they have a strange liking for discussions related to anything, they are simply unable to act against the will of their loved ones. While they like to have a word about everything at all times, they end up yielding to their loved ones too often.
TAURUS: What is most often associated with the second sign of the zodiac, is obstinacy. Tauruses are often stubborn even when they know they will end up hurt or lose. They also stand out because they never give up: they do not accept defeats, even when they provoke them.

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GEMINI: Since they are very good speakers and it is practically impossible to silence them, Geminis tend to believe that with their scathing tongue, they are enough to emerge victorious from all conflicts. Of course, this is not the case, but the biggest flaw in them is that they cannot admit it.
CANCER: Being one of the most sensitive and emotional signs, they feel compelled to express their feelings and opinions at all times. It does not matter if it is something positive or not, important or not, brief or not ... Cancer never stop talking!

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LEO: No doubt they have a very good opinion about themselves and often get lost in reflections that do not involve their neighbors. Although they are not selfish, they may be considered too focused on their own affairs.
VIRGO: The most obvious attribute of the Virgo can become its greatest defect. They are so orderly, appropriate and correct, that they can sometimes become pedantic and exaggerated... Fortunately, they soon realize this and put a lot of effort into changing it for the better.

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LIBRA: People born under the sign of Libra seek balance in their lives and want to enjoy it no matter what the cost will be... which is why they often prefer to pretend that everything is fine instead of leaving things clear. They avoid confrontations to such an extent that they choose to disappear before entering into conflict with someone. SCORPIO: When their loved ones are in danger, they are willing to do, literally, anything to protect them. Also, the strength of their love may be impossible to bear (however those who appreciate their loyalty would never take it as a failure).

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SAGITTARIUS: Even in spite of being lovers of adventures, the Sagittarians would never get into a situation they would not have enough information about. Instead of acting crazy, they prefer to have a plan and make good decisions. They do not like surprises (of any kind) and react with anger on them.
CAPRICORN: They always have at least 20 thoughts before making decisions. What they lack most is the ability to interact with other people and reach compromises. They may listen to the advice and show gratitude for it, but in the end, they will do it all in their own way.

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AQUARIUS: The most instinctive of all signs, often get carried away by forebodings and pay too much attention to things that do not deserve it. They believe they are "unique" and to a certain extent they are, although in general, they would do well to pay more attention to people around.
People born under the sign of Pisces may seem gullible and confused, although you cannot take it as certain. As much as they tend to forgive the damage and live in peace with everyone, they never forget bad things and, when their situation becomes extreme, they may want to take revenge.

Things that different signs are NOT capable of 7

Now that you know your flaws, do you identify with the result? Remember that horoscopes do not always have to hit the truth in one hundred percent. Everything depends on one's education and training, an environment that people live and one's willpower. Would you add something else to any parts of this list?

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