Published 2018-01-17
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Things that different signs are NOT capable of

GEMINI: Since they are very good speakers and it is practically impossible to silence them, Geminis tend to believe that with their scathing tongue, they are enough to emerge victorious from all conflicts. Of course, this is not the case, but the biggest flaw in them is that they cannot admit it.
CANCER: Being one of the most sensitive and emotional signs, they feel compelled to express their feelings and opinions at all times. It does not matter if it is something positive or not, important or not, brief or not ... Cancer never stop talking!

Things that different signs are NOT capable of 1

LEO: No doubt they have a very good opinion about themselves and often get lost in reflections that do not involve their neighbors. Although they are not selfish, they may be considered too focused on their own affairs.
VIRGO: The most obvious attribute of the Virgo can become its greatest defect. They are so orderly, appropriate and correct, that they can sometimes become pedantic and exaggerated... Fortunately, they soon realize this and put a lot of effort into changing it for the better.

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Things that different signs are NOT capable of 2
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