Published 2018-01-17
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Things that different signs are NOT capable of

LIBRA: People born under the sign of Libra seek balance in their lives and want to enjoy it no matter what the cost will be... which is why they often prefer to pretend that everything is fine instead of leaving things clear. They avoid confrontations to such an extent that they choose to disappear before entering into conflict with someone. SCORPIO: When their loved ones are in danger, they are willing to do, literally, anything to protect them. Also, the strength of their love may be impossible to bear (however those who appreciate their loyalty would never take it as a failure).

Things that different signs are NOT capable of 1

SAGITTARIUS: Even in spite of being lovers of adventures, the Sagittarians would never get into a situation they would not have enough information about. Instead of acting crazy, they prefer to have a plan and make good decisions. They do not like surprises (of any kind) and react with anger on them.
CAPRICORN: They always have at least 20 thoughts before making decisions. What they lack most is the ability to interact with other people and reach compromises. They may listen to the advice and show gratitude for it, but in the end, they will do it all in their own way.

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Things that different signs are NOT capable of 2
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