Published 2018-01-17
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These 9 things happen when you meet your dream man!

2. It comes natural

Your feelings for him comes naturally. Even though it is the first time you are developing such strong feelings for someone, it does not feel alien to you. It feels familiar. It makes you feel comfortable. The whole feeling is so sincere that makes you risk everything for this person without thinking twice because deep down you know that he is the one. You know that he is here to stay. You are not afraid of taking it a little too far.

2. It comes natural

3. Growing feelings

Right when you are thinking you cannot love him more, by every single day, every single glance, you fall even deeper. At first, it might start with that dazzling smile and the dimples but as the time goes by like a drop of ink on a tissue it spreads. No matter if it is a physical attraction or emotional. He covers both aspects of your needs, physically and emotionally. All of it. You grow with the feeling and appreciate every single second of his existence.

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3. Growing feelings
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