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Published 2018-01-18
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7 guidelines to follow to become a real lady...

6. Pay attention to the clothes

It is true that women always pay attention to their clothes because it is the first thing that others notice. Try to avoid strong colours and bright prints; opt for elegant and clean cut accents that accentuate your figure. When you go out at night, wear a black dress or choose muted colours. In winter, choose a coat that will underline your waist and show off some of your legs. As for styling, keep your hair clean, shiny whenever you can. And if you can do not dye them with extravagant colours, opt for natural colours that complement the natural complexion of your skin.

6. Pay attention to the clothes

7. Learn to deal with your opponents

We all have opponents, and we are forced to deal with them from time to time. You do not have to be downright nasty for someone to know that they should not mess with you; of course, no respected woman should allow others to walk over her. Whether it's an insistent aide, a roommate who expects you to clean up all by yourself, or the girl from a college group you need her to try hard on, no one should treat you wrong. However, you cannot be rude in such a situations as well. Respectfully, but firmly, tell someone how you feel before exploding or resorting to insults.

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7. Learn to deal with your opponents
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7 Guidelines to follow to become a real lady...
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