Published 2018-01-18
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How to make your boyfriend jealous?!

Right from the very beginning of this article, we are telling you guys that this post is mostly for fun and we would ask you not to try it in your relationship but then if you insist… Then we guess there is no other option left! You’ve always wanted to make him green with envy, it is the time now! This post even works for the ones that say nothing makes him jealous and they are frustrated. Together, this time, we will make it all work!

Male best friend

Male best friend or any type of make friends freak them out to some extent. The reason behind that could be the fact that they all know their gene better than we do and of course, they won’t buy it when you say the boy is just a “friend”. No matter for how long you have been friends with, he is the boyfriend now and even if he acts like everything is fine, that he is cool with it, don’t be surprised if one day you see him criticizing every single thing that the male friend does.

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Girls’ night

This one may sound just a normal things for girls but let’s be real. Have you ever had the best girls’ night out that didn’t involve boys? You see! That is the thing we are talking about. Your boy is afraid and threatened by your girlfriends, sometimes even more than your boy friends. To them, girls are sneaky, two-faced and unpredictable so it makes it really hard for them to think you are going to come back home, feeling fine and normal just like before. Even if there is no guy, you talk and they have a great influence on you.

Look good

Don’t get us wrong, we have told you before that looking good is what men like about their girl but there is a difference. When you look amazing and you go out, alone, with your girls or even go to work. That is what they don’t feel comfortable with. As long as they are accompanying you, it is fine but right when they are no longer by your side, they start coming up with the worst case scenario in their mind and that is where it all starts.

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Work late

Think about the previous situation or just let us set the setting for you. Imagine you are looking stunning (as usual but this time there’s something more about it, whether it is the new outfit you are wearing, a new lipstick or new hairstyle, something that will make a difference) and looking like that you head to work. It is fine to work extra hours for a day or two but as it continues and you stop letting him know; boom! There! That is when it happens!

Celebrity crush

This might sound stupid but all the people that have been in a relationship and have expressed how much they love a certain celeb know that the reaction of their boyfriend is not user-friendly much! The fact is, they know that the celebrity is like ten times better looking than them and they already know how childish this reaction makes them look but they cannot help it. If you don’t believe us on this one, just try it and you will see!

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Other guys’ names

This also freaks them out just like how it freaks you out if your guy is talking about a girl out of nowhere. Especially if you have no idea who that girl is. Let us give you an idea of how this is going to pan out! So you went from work and there was this hilarious thing that this guy did at work and you couldn’t wait to get home and tell your boy all about it. By the time you get home, right when you start your story with “OMG, baby, you won’t believe what John………”! That is it, they won't hear more of your story!

Laughing at someone else’s joke

Or to be more precise, laughing at another guy’s joke. It is crazy how irrational boys can sometimes be but it is real! Especially if they are known for their own sense of humor, that is not what they want to see! If there is no person that is allowed to make you laugh, that is your guy, not someone else. Trust us, we also know how peculiar this might sound but it is real!

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Don’t be jealous

Not sure exactly what it is about this one that makes all men go knucklehead but it actually works and they seriously go crazy. Sometimes people, precisely elderlies, say that men want to see their women being jealous of the other girls because they feel like she cares about him. It is a way of expressing love! To us, that is a signal for you saying that you need to run! But joking aside, you might see a pinch of jealousy when you are not jealous and that, 99% of the time, works!

Social media

So, whatever that is, Snapchat, Instagram, anything that makes you not pay enough attention to your guy is what makes him jealous. Since social media is becoming an inevitable part of every couple’s life, a growing number of men in a relationship are joining the anti-social network club! Just watch out for it. Whatever it is, it needs to be balanced and if your relationship is a healthy one, balance means good.

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