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After being left alone with charging phone, baby dies

We’re all aware of the dangers of charging phone. It can explode with great intensity, which causes burns that are mild to even deathly. There have been many cases of leaving devices charged overnight right next to our body, and in most unfortunate situations it does not always end well. Even using the device while it’s charging can cause it to explode.The major cause of explosion is heat.

Too much heat causes internal short circuit in the battery. Overcharging can also make the batteries to overheat, as they cannot handle more current than they can receive. When there’s a lot of heat in one particular area, it leads to thermal runway. Happens when the area of the battery is not able to quickly cool down. In simple words, too much heat leads to a reaction that rapidly increases the temperature, where the end result is a fire or explosion.

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This is one very tragic incident of an unattended charging phone. In the western Kazakh city, Aktau, a small baby was electrocuted when she was playing with a phone that was charging. The tired mother of the baby fell asleep beside her, while she played with the phone. This left her parents to be troubled and shattered.

The mother woke up to find that her daughter was unusually quiet. Within seconds she realized that her baby wasn’t breathing, and once checking her pulse, had no pulse either. She then frenziedly wrapped her in a blanket and went straight to the hospital. Unfortunately it was too late, the little girl had already died and there was very little the doctors could do.

The harrowing event created attention worldwide, when a nurse from the hospital posted the picture of the burns on the little girl online. The injuries caused by the electrocution were shocking. This is an awareness to not just the parents, but also to the young and old out there, that the intensity of this everyday habit is much much bigger than we think.

We won’t realize the bigger picture unless it really happens, instead of waiting around for something like this to happen, try to avoid it, so that it doesn’t cause pain and heartbreak to not only us but to others around. This is just one of the many problems one just brushes off, but it should be given more importance and care just like other problems that are hazardous, related to this.

The picture posted shows the little baby’s hand, scarred, and held limply by an adult’s hand, possibly the nurse’s. It shows the clearly visible traces of the burns that was made by the electric shock. It’s a reminder showing the dangers of smart phones while plugged in or not to small kids and adults alike. The photo was posted with the caption giving a warning “Do not leave your babies unattended with chargers”.

A family friend had stated that “The girl started playing with the charging cable. She put it in her mouth and started chewing it”. It is considered that, since she was chewing, it could have caused the cable to be exposed to the wires which led to the shock. Doctors arrived at the conclusion that the baby died due to electrocution, with clearly visible scars of burns on both her hand and arm. It’s unknown if the incident is undergoing investigation by the police.

There has been other incidents apart from this like, on July 2013 in Beijing, Wu Jiantong was on the floor spasming. He was found by his sister when she heard him shouting for help. Although she was able to pull the charger from the power outlet, Wu was not responding. And then he had been in coma for 10 days. Apparently he was using a knockoff charger that caused the shock.

Another such incident happened when a person had left their laptop charging on the bed, it was reported that they accidently fell asleep and due to overheating the laptop went up in flames causing 2nd degree burns to the body.
We request everyone to please be careful when using their devices! This is literally a matter of life and death and no joke!
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Arton Schwepper
Arton Schwepper 1/13/17, 7:06 AM
Good thing baby died. One leas mouth to feed, and population of world is potentially reduced. Besides, the parents are young, they can make another one if needed.
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