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A mother lost her child when he was 18 months and found him 20 YEARS later!

The feeling when a mother first looks at her child is one of the best that any woman can feel in her life. Let it be human beings, birds, animals or any creatures all of them feel the same when it comes to their children. Mothers give birth and would love to take care of their kids until the end of their lives. But sometimes few strange things happen in life and most of them are uncontrollable or unexpected. Here we have a story about a mother and son who meet each other for the first time since he was born.

Maria Mancia is also one of those mothers who loved her newly born son. But few unexpected and uncontrollable things happened in her life that completely shook Maria’s life. It was when she got to know that her eighteen months old son was not to be found anywhere. This would be the last thing any mother would want to hear about her child.

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Maria Mancia is a resident of California, United States of America. She was blessed with a son named Steve Hernandez in the year 1995. Her life completely changed after the birth of her son. She was very happy just like any other mother would be. They always say when you have a lot of happiness in your life few problems come up to balance your life. Maria Mancia faced a problem that no mother in this world would want to face!

Maria Mancia’s son Steve Hernandez was suddenly missing from her house in southern California. Maria did not expect this at all in her life. She thought he might be playing somewhere so she started searching her entire house. After searching the entire house and the neighborhood, she was sure that her son was missing.

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Maria Mancia tried searching her neighborhood and returned home. After coming back home she was very shocked when she found that all the things that belonged to her son were missing. This included Steve’s photographs and other things that belonged to him. After looking at all of that, she was sure that her son was kidnapped by somebody. She immediately went and reported the case to the local police.

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But Maria Mancia did not have any proof or any picture of her little son Steve Hernandez. It was a very big task to find an eighteen-year-old kid in such a big city. Luckily after trying every possible corner, Maria found a picture of her son that was captured by one of her relatives. She immediately shared this picture with the police and they launched a search operation for the kid.

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A special team was replaced for the search to be continued. This team was an expert with such cases. It was the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Child Abduction Unit that was pressed into charge to continue further with the search operation. But this case was very difficult for them because they only had one picture of the baby boy that was taken when Steve was born and it was a very old picture.

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Though the investigating team got a break through into the case when they were sure that this kidnap was done by Maria’s husband Valentin Hernandez, it was still difficult for them. Because Valentin took away all the pictures, hospital reports and everything that was connected to Steve without leaving any clue behind. On the other hand, Maria always used to carry that picture of her son and show it to everybody that she met in her life.

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After searching for more than twenty years, the investigating team finally got some information about the location of Steve. They were shocked to know that Steve Hernandez was staying in Puebla, Mexico. Immediately they have contacted Steve and informed him that her mother is alive and she is searching for him. Steve was shocked that her mother was searching for her from past 20 years.

Maria Mancia felt like she has got everything in her life after finding her son Steve Hernandez. Steve was also very happy to meet his mom and his other relatives. A DNA test was done and it proved that Steve was the missing child of Maria. The investigating team did not find any information related to her father. They still do not know if Valentin Hernandez is on a run or if he is dead. But this was the best moment in both the kid's and mother's life, they might have felt very strange meeting each other after 20 years.

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