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9 Messages that you will only receive if you are an adventure for him...

The dating game is very complicated, there are people who know how to play it naturally, however, there are others who can never decipher it. The behavior in love of both men and women has been studied for many years. However, it is difficult to reach a general conclusion, since everyone has completely different personalities. In this article, we will give you some tips that we are sure will improve your love life in a meaningful way. In fact, we will tell you how to realize based on the messages you receive, if you are just an adventure for that special boy or not.

1. I'm home alone. Do you want to come?

This has a different meaning in each case, if you are with a partner for a while and you know his whole family, this can be a getaway to be alone for some time. However, if a boy you just met recently invites you to his house, you probably are not the only one who receives such a message. In addition, if your person is a secret, it is likely that you are simply a hobby and a toy for those times when he is bored. On the other hand, if you're looking for that exactly, no commitments and fun, then congratulations, you've found it.

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2. I forgot the phone

This is the perfect excuse for people who are infidels. This phrase will save you from your partner who is thinking about a possible deception. And if in your relationship you usually listen to this kind of explanation, you are probably not the only one in this man's life. On the other hand, if your boy is really forgetful, it could be true. That time you've to do research well before setting up a Hollywood-style drama. Speak calmly with your boyfriend, and you will reach an agreement and a tranquillity.

3. You are my best friend

This applies to both girls and boys and it is called "Friend Zone". In many cases, although there is an intimacy between you and the one you like, it does not mean that there is or will be a serious relationship. If you are called "Friend", it is a clear indirect message, that in fact tells it directly, that he does not consider you as a couple in the present or in the future. So save yourself suffering and give up that unfulfilled illusion.

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4. I need to be alone at this moment of my life

In many occasions, this phrase is valid, since anything could have happened to that boy. However, in the majority of cases, when they say they need to be alone, they mean they do not want to be with you, but with other people. So if you've heard this and you know that something bad really happened in his life, try to support him and understand his temporary distance, otherwise, it's just a silly excuse used by beings who are not ready to have a serious relationship, and it's better to avoid them.

5. I do not like labels

If a person you've dated for a long time has not introduced you as his official girlfriend, it's not a good sign. If he always repeats that he is upset that people name everything, and prefers to stay the same way he was before or at the beginning of the relationship, without complicating or naming things, it is easy to see what is happening; You cannot put a label on a situation that does not really exist, because despite having privacy and going out every time together, it does not make him your boyfriend.

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6. Things have to go slower

This phrase is one of the most typical for a boy for whom you are only an adventure. If you both have been dating for a short time and you are asking for loyalty and a formal courtship, you may not get it because you are so hasty and impulsive. Things should be calm at first and go with calmer phase. However, when after many months you meet together and he still continues to give you that excuse, run and forget that person since you will never be as important to him as he is to you.

7. He tells you about his family but does not present it to you

It is normal for your partner not to introduce you to his family in the first months of a relationship. However, if you have been together for a long time and you still have not even met his dog, it is likely that you are not as important in his life as you thought. Another key that you need to know is how many of his best friends you know. If he has not presented you with absolutely anyone from his social circle, he flees, he does not care about creating something serious in the future with you.

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8. Affection in public

A man in love will always want to hug you, kiss you, give you the best he can. However, a person who is simply with you to pass the time, will probably not even want to touch your shoulder in front of others. Focus on the priorities you are looking for in a relationship, if you are creating one to have fun, this type of detail should not matter at all. This also depends on your partner, since many are very shy and do not usually show any corny signal.

9. We should not ruin our friendship

Friends do not kiss or go to the bed, so if this phrase about ruining your friendship arises, it is one of the worst excuses that exist and you should take it into account for your decision. If you do not want to change your uncompromising relationship that turns out to be extremely comfortable because if you know someone else, you will not feel bad about doing whatever you want, it is fine. But if you felt there is something else between you two, do not let them fool you.

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