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13 Typical details about women which most men LOVE ...

Although some women seem to behave as if they knew what to do to attract the attention of the representatives of the opposite gender, it is simply impossible to find a perfect formula to make anyone fall in love. And we do not say it only because there is nothing written about tastes, but also because there are not two equal men! However, even so, there are some behaviors, details, and tricks that, performed by girls, are capable of captivating them all. Take a look and find out what to do to make the man of your dreams lose his mind for you.

13 Typical details about women which most men LOVE ... 1

1. Leaving nice notes: Although we do not know the reason for it, all the ladies know that sometimes it is easier to express feelings in writing, than verbally. Since they are the masters of using the language of love, they are more than good to captivate men through them. There is no more effective way to caress the male ego.
2. Enjoying the same music: One always gets more attached to people who share their tastes... And speaking of sentimental relationships, something similar happens. Who would be able to resist a woman who, in addition to being a girlfriend and a lover, could be a perfect person to go dancing or to concerts with?

13 Typical details about women which most men LOVE ... 2

3. Using the power of the look: Knights love the connection that is formed between them and women who, at a given time, look them directly in the eyes. They relate it to honesty, transparency, loyalty and a certain intimacy created in a matter of moments between two people ... And they have every reason in the world!
4. Being always present: What they appreciate the most (no matter how strong and invincible they may seem) is the presence of a loved one in the most difficult and sad moments of their lives. Men who are lucky to have the support of their women know that, whatever happens, they will always be by their side.

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5. Giving "tiny kisses": Sometimes less is more, and nothing applies to this expression better than kissing. Any boy will go crazy with love when given a light kiss, delicate and fast, like a flutter of a butterfly. Although it's hard to believe, they do not always need caresses full of passion!
6. Laughing in the weirdest moments: Although sultry moments occur between all couples, it is best not to try to hide them. The women who instead of pretending that nothing has happened are laughing in a carefree way are much more attractive in the opinion of the gentlemen ...

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7. Making strange noises: Do you snore, sigh or do the odd noise doing some activities? You can be sure that men find this extremely tender and they make a difference between you and the other girls. Also, show that you do not mind doing crazy things in his company. How can they not fall in love?
8. Touching with your feet: What happens between the two at bedtime can help you to conquer it. The fact of touching your bare feet with yours is able to direct your attention to your feminine nature, full of sensitivity and delicacy. Have you ever tried it?

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9. Pay attention to details: Not only girls, but also boys feel great when they realize that their loved ones have taken the trouble to give them a gift without an occasion, or to help them with something they had not even been told... No man can resist an attentive woman who really cares about him.
10. Burst into laughter: Although it is hard to believe, female laughter can become a very powerful tool when dealing with relationships. When they hear the laughter coming from a girl that they ALREADY consider perfect, they lose their heads for her even more. They just like to look good and happy!

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11. Being an intellectualist: While not everyone admits, intelligent and scholar girls are a challenge for them. They see them as incredibly attractive because, with their way of being, they make them feel constantly challenged. Not only do they have to develop, not to make too much difference, but they also enjoy showing off the woman-genie by their side.
12. Surprising him: Even if one of them does not like surprises, from time to time it's okay to surprise him with some change. Unpredictable females who are not afraid to experiment with their physical appearance, hair color, etc. They usually boast of great success with men. Are you one of them?

13 Typical details about women which most men LOVE ... 7

13. Send unexpected messages: To finish... they like to know how much they mean to their loved ones. If you dare to leave a note about it or send a text message at the least expected time, it will fall at your feet. Nothing can make the day better than a show of love... And especially when they have not done anything new to deserve it!

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