Published 2016-12-18
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Could your laziness be your secret to success?

If you were led to believe that climbing a ladder was all about sweating and diligent work, reconsider it. Some business pioneers claim that the way to achievement isn't only about being industrious, it's also about rehearsing a sort of laziness. This unreasonable rule was initially devised by a well-known German military strategist for selecting who might be the best officers.

The concept was known as the Von Manstein Matrix, named after the German Commander himself Erich Von Manstein. It has been passed around the military circles since at least before World War II. The concept is that there are four qualities that characterize individuals and every individual has two of them. You're either lazy or industrious, and you're either clever or stupid. In this way, joining qualities, you get four varieties, one of which fits every candidate to any occupation you need to fill.

Clever and Lazy make the best leaders

If you find yourself having both of those qualities, you will find yourself taking up pretty high positions in life. But remember, even though you may have these qualities, there are many other factors such as luck which may affect your success. We are speaking in general here according to the matrix. So, clever and lazy people make the best top-level leaders and managers. They love to delegate, they have plenty of time to think, and they don’t get dragged down with the details. They’re also risk-takers who take decisions quickly and easily.

Clever and Industrious are more suitable for middle-management

Everyone knows that one person, who is very industrious and clever, makes you think they have an edge over you when it comes to the business world. But these kind of people make better middle managers as they are mostly consumed with their willingness to finish the work they're given that do not have the time to see the bigger picture.

Stupid and Lazy are the best for repetitive work

Since they don’t think much, they wouldn’t be having any problems in doing any repetitive work which can bore any clever person. These guys are great at doing menial tasks. If you want to be a factory worker or a foot soldier, you would fit right into this category. But we would like to remind you that these kind of jobs are being automated, downsized and outsourced.

Stupid and Industrious - not a good combination

If you think you aren’t very smart or basically stupid, the worst possible trait you could have is being industrious. You will end up causing a lot of trouble for the place or company you are working at and the company will end up dealing with most of the problems you have caused.

Lastly, it is important when we're talking about laziness here, that we're saying about it in the broadest terms. Great business leaders aren’t sitting idle in their laziness. They simply turn their focus to what’s important and let others deal with the rest. Thanks to this matrix, you no longer have to think yourself as worthless just because you're lazy. Even if you aren’t very intelligent, you are still important to your employer. And it’s a plus if you're clever and lazy as you might find yourself in the highest leadership positions.
If you are lazy, here are a few ways you can use your laziness to your advantage:

Be too lazy to be lazy

Laziness can be used here to protect you from yourself. For example, you can give a 30-letter password for the social network you use the most to laze around. How will this help? Well, when you work, log off from these and then when you feel like checking back your social networking site, you will be lazy to type the password which will make you go back to your work and have a productive day.

Use procrastination to your advantage

If you wait till the last minute to complete your task, you will be forced to focus on the project at hand. There’s nothing like not having enough time to complete the project, which can make you realize what’s critical and what’s not. This might only be applicable for the clever ones. If you start early and stick to a schedule, you will always take out some parts you have worked on in the end. The last minute stress automatically throws your focus to what's important.

Are you lazy or just efficient?

You may actually be lazy because you are good at your job. Efficient people naturally have more downtime than their peers. You might find yourself watching some videos or playing games because you have finished your work early. So, find something you are good at, work on it and keep the laziness coming!
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