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Why didn't you find your love in 2017 and what you need to do to find your other half in 2018 based on your Zodiac sign?

If you wonder why you haven't found your love in 2017 and what you need to do to find one in 2018, here we go!

So far, you perceived love not as something that will be able to add some values to your current life, but rather as something which will change your life and the way you lead it. Additionally, you have not learned the lesson, yet. And the lesson was that loving the right person can encourage you, support you, for example when you are fighting against something. You thought that when you fall in love you need to give up on your life full of adventures but, to be honest, your life will be easier with love than without it!


You are a very kind and nice person but anyway you have fought hard to fall in love. You have tried to take control over every aspect of love and every level of it. You had problems with accepting the fact that love can be unpredictable sometimes. If you wonder what the reason why you did not find your other half in the previous year was, it's that you went too much ahead of time that it was necessary. You did not believe that love is a spontaneous adventure including two different minds.

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If you have been wondering why as a Gemini you didn't fall in love in 2017, here we come. The main reason was that you didn't even let a thought about having a frank, true and happy relationship come to your mind. Additionally, you were very hard to yourself and maybe sometimes even too hard. You did not allow others to step into your life. But this is Gemini's nature.


You’re sensitive and open to people when we speak about love. You frequently get sad by small things, which cause your relation hurt because of your reactions to them happening. When your other half cannot show their feelings easily at the first time, or when they are some minutes late for lunch with you, it does not have to mean they do not love you. This means they make mistakes that they should work on. Try to enjoy small things and don't waste your precious time to get upset because of small problems.

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You have always dreamed of a brilliant relationship of yours. You have always wanted it to work well for you and you believed in some strategy rather than in the fact that relationship and dates deal with two different souls and two different journeys. You were too much worried about planning your relationship eagerly for the rest of your life. But instead of this, you should have allowed your own charming nature take control and make things happen.


Maybe not only in 2017 but also earlier, you have been living like a withdrawn person, not willing to pay attention to people that were around you, only to you and your problems. You worried too much about what if something does not work out with a person. Moreover, you were looking for their disadvantages to have a reason to go away. You have explained to yourself that this is for your own good, but actually, you did not allow yourself to find happiness in your life...


You did not find your love in 2017 because you required too many things at once. Moreover, you wanted the comfort of a long-term relationship, while also giving a hundred percent of yourself into a professional career, while also having a thrill of a new fling, while also not missing any social event. You were not yet ready to sacrifice yourself for anybody and you have not understood that falling in love with someone doesn’t mean that you should quit your independent life and give up your friends.


You did not look fairly on dating, that is why you did not fall in love in the previous year. The things that mattered the most to you were above all your privacy, your secrets and isolating yourself from others. But on the other hand, you wanted your other half to be open and always available, unlike you. You haven't found a satisfying balance in your love life and this is the reason of you being single.

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Even though your positive energy and a lot of optimism you spread around you is huge, it could also indicate that sometimes you’re too reckless as well as passive when it comes to your love life. What is more, you are funny and wonderful to be with, but you’ve always wanted the other person to do the brave things as the first one. You won’t find the person that is just for you unless you start to make active decisions for your love life.


Your concentrate on your professional career. And it is great if you do not want to fall in love at the moment. On the other hand, when you feel a little bit lonely or get frustrated about not meeting people, try to change something. Just make some space for another person in your life, make them your priority, and also refrain from making them conquer with your career. This means that you will have to try to find a healthy balance between love and work.

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You kept the distance from everyone that wanted to get close to you. You were living a life like a withdrawn person and you liked to be alone. Instead of this, you should have allowed others to come closer and you should have risked a little bit more. You did not let others make you happy because you did not risk at all. "No risk, no fun", according to a popular proverb. Unless you take some risk in the future, you will never find your significant one.


Being full of hope and optimism is always good. On the other hand, perceiving love as a value that has to be always perfect and romantic isn’t good. You actually got freaked out whenever you found out that the other person was not totally perfect or things went too comfortable. It is crucial to know that with love, you shouldn’t allow your mind refrain you from finding something true as you are too concentrated on looking for something which only exists in a romantic film.

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