Published 2018-01-26
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7 types of caresses that men use only to express LOVE for their partner...

2. Caresses with the fingertips

This beautiful gesture can be applied to all kinds of relationships because you do not have to spend much time with someone if you want to show your love through subtle touches using the fingertips or by tenderly touching their head, face, arms, legs, etc. Also, it is something that can be done at any time, and that always goes well. Your girl will know that you are showing affection and she will feel more secure with you, leaving aside everything else.

2. Caresses with the fingertips

3. Snuggle

Yes, we are talking about the famous position called "spooning" that many couples dare to do when they have already taken the big step of living together or just want to spend a night of frolicking. You should know, of course, that sleeping with your partner aside does not necessarily imply an intimate relationship. Many loving relationships decide to be in this position together and pass the time like that because it is a gesture that shows great love for each other.

However, it may be that one thing leads to the other... Check it on the NEXT page!

3. Snuggle
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