Published 2018-01-26
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How DECEMBER born men and women are in bed!

They usually prefer to keep things to themselves rather than opening up to people. Give them time to get comfortable around you and they will tell you more about themselves than they have told anyone else. People born in December can easily tackle any situation with ease. Their logical thinking helps them to be fair, logical and understand that there are always two sides to a story. They will never blame you for anything for no reason, so that’s a bonus! They also live an organized life and know their priorities. December borns are teachers at heart.

How DECEMBER born men and women are in bed! 1

They tell people if they are wrong and what to do to correct it. It is not because they are bossy it is because they see the best in everyone and believe everyone has potential. They are always trying to help anyone in any possible way. They only show this side to the people they love. They will help you even when you don’t need it! Like everyone else, December borns have their negative traits too. They can be stubborn at times and refuse to listen or agree to things that they don’t believe in.

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How DECEMBER born men and women are in bed! 2
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