Published 2018-01-26
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13 Typical details about women which most men LOVE ...

3. Using the power of the look: Knights love the connection that is formed between them and women who, at a given time, look them directly in the eyes. They relate it to honesty, transparency, loyalty and a certain intimacy created in a matter of moments between two people ... And they have every reason in the world!
4. Being always present: What they appreciate the most (no matter how strong and invincible they may seem) is the presence of a loved one in the most difficult and sad moments of their lives. Men who are lucky to have the support of their women know that, whatever happens, they will always be by their side.

13 Typical details about women which most men LOVE ... 1

5. Giving "tiny kisses": Sometimes less is more, and nothing applies to this expression better than kissing. Any boy will go crazy with love when given a light kiss, delicate and fast, like a flutter of a butterfly. Although it's hard to believe, they do not always need caresses full of passion!
6. Laughing in the weirdest moments: Although sultry moments occur between all couples, it is best not to try to hide them. The women who instead of pretending that nothing has happened are laughing in a carefree way are much more attractive in the opinion of the gentlemen ...

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13 Typical details about women which most men LOVE ... 2
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