Published 2018-01-29
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9 Photos that have confused many on the internet ....

2. The child hunting ducks

The original idea of a pair of birds escaping from a painting was completed when a net was added to hunt them. But at the moment in which the child took the picture that was spread online, doubts began. Which elements are painted and which are real? The truth is that the internet is the most difficult network to discover because it has a very successful effect thanks to the brightness of the light. In reality, everything is painted except for the child himself.
Or that's what we believe!?

2. The child hunting ducks

3. Land in perspective

Painting visual effects that break with perspective is something that is increasingly used because they create a feeling of vertigo or confusion in the viewer that is quite hard to achieve. In this case, the gaps in the joints of the tiles help to know that it is not something real but still create an overwhelming first impression. Of course, the painted railings also achieve the same effect, although in a much more impressive way. A magical work of the artist.

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3. Land in perspective
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