Published 2018-01-30
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9 Seducing TRICKS by women that men can’t resist!

2. A simple message

An upright silhouette makes you seem immediately taller and slimmer. And also healthier. For sure we will be more likely to make an appointment with a person who has a straight back than with a curled or hunched back. Anyway, when you slouch, do not expose your attractive neckline and neck. If you have a problem with keeping your back straight, sign up for a pool, yoga or pilates. And remember to strengthen the skeletal muscle of the stomach. They keep your spine.

2. A simple message

3. Tempting look

The man looks at the woman longer and more often. First, he looks into her eyes, then his gaze goes lower, to her nose and mouth. The woman after making eye contact with the man looks down modestly after a few seconds. When their eyes meet, she opens her eyes wider, raising eyebrows and eyelids. It gives the impression of submissive and innocent. The movements of the eyelids express the stimulation of the body - they are more frequent at the moment of strong excitement. Eyelash movements are more noticeable in women, but only because they have elongated and thickened eyelashes with mascara.

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3. Tempting look
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Only women with these personality traits are able to find their true love!
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