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The Chinese zodiac PIG

The pig is known as the sweet chubby one. The pig is a worrier. They all are dreamers and they are brave. They know the traditions and they are kind and benevolent people. They are very strict when it comes to mistakes but that always comes with the positive intention. You can always trust them because they never take advantage of your trust. They have a simple personality. If you hurt them, they do not even protect themselves from the attack! In fact, they let you deceive them easily. They accept the faults they have done with no argument and they are so patient when it comes to other people’s mistakes.

They are always the best when it comes to sports. However, they can never be rivals. Their sense of fairness does not let them win the game. They always question themselves and the fairness of their actions to see if it was sincere and genuine or not! They are extremely honest that sometimes it hurts themselves. They cannot do anything when others are not keeping their promises. They rarely lie and if they do, they want to run away from a danger and that is the only reason why!

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