Published 2016-08-09
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Why POCKETS in jackets are SEWED and what we can use them for?

This article is rather aimed at our masculine audience for obvious reasons, however we believe that there are a lot of women that may feel attracted by the topic we're going to present you today.
The world that surrounds us is full of mysteries that apparently have no logical answers. For example, why shouldn’t we eat during the night if there’s a light in the fridge? Cheesy, isn’t it?

However, we will not talk about it this time. Today we will try to answer a question that every man had probably asked himself on many occasions. Or to be more precise, every time he had to attend an official event and he wore a formal dress with a jacket.
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Maybe you had something you wanted to hide, or you simply wanted to keep your hands in your pockets because you had nothing to do with them. The reason isn't so important at that point because you always had to face the same problem: your pockets were sewed. “What’s the damn purpose of these pockets if they are useless?”, that’s probably one of the many questions you keep asking yourself.

Why POCKETS in jackets are SEWED and what we can use them for? 3

A lot of pockets in our jackets are frequently sewed when we buy a new jacket. It may seem strange, but that’s how it is every single time. We know how practical men tend to be, so giving them a jacket with pockets they can’t use seems very contradictory to their nature, isn't that right?

As a consequence, men feel obliged to use their wife’s purses to store their mobile phones, wallets or car keys.

Why are these pockets sewed? The answer is simple - to avoid the situation, when amateur entrepreneurs fill their pockets with useless items. It usually makes them look less esthetical on professional meetings. Needless to say that carrying big items in pockets doesn’t look well.

However, does it make sense to keep those pockets sewn up? One blogger asked that question. Brian Sacawa, the creator of a blog dedicated to masculine style called HeSpokeStyle, thinks that there is no use in leaving pockets this way. In his opinion we should rip pockets and just start using them.

The important question about using those pockets is: “how to do it properly?”. Well, the basic tip is not to put big and heavy objects there.

Brian has prepared a small list of items that you can keep in your jacket pockets.
Don’t miss that list if you want to have a professional look at any time!
After a short research about masculine needs while wearing a jacket, the blogger concluded that the best we can do is to rip those pockets and hide there some of the below items:
- tickets
- credit cards
- ID cards
- handkerchiefs
- hotel cards
- other business cards.

Those are some of the items that aren't so visible inside the pockets and that are very useful for most of men. Thanks to this piece of advice you’ll no longer need to use your partner’s purse.
Source: Instagram: #suit

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