Published 2018-02-02
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Girlfriends rated from BEST to WORST, according to their zodiac sign...


Basically, a Capricorn woman is someone who will practically never fail in terms of effort. Therefore, they will always try to give 100% of their dedication and commitment in any relationship they maintain. Although it is true that they may seem complicated to deal with because of the way they perfect everything, you will always end up grateful to have them in your life. No doubt you will know that your day to day could be much worse without them.



You can never be wrong if you date a Libra girl. These are known to be some of the most authentically kind people on the entire horoscope wheel. Likewise, they tend to always show a positive spirit, emphasizing that the people around them are happy. However, you must be very careful with your words when you address them; They tend to hurt themselves with relative ease and, therefore, find it difficult to open up about them.

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