Published 2016-12-19
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9 Weirdest selfies ever taken... You just have to see it!

Are you also a selfie-addict!? Nowadays, the most popular thing going on in the world is, taking a selfie for your social media account. And though sometimes it's dangerous, few people want to take their selfie at the highest risk point of their life.
Here, we have few pictures, which will surprise you. Taking selfies to capture the memories is a great idea but it being the last picture of your life is not! Safe and smart selfies are better than idiotic ones. Go through our article to see the most dangerous ones.

You may think you'll make a huge effort for the ideal selfie, however, you don't have anything on these thrill seeker picture takers. The thrill seekers have scaled the world's tallest structures, swam to the base of the sea, and even nestled unsafe creatures just for the ideal photograph.

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People struggle to take a selfie while other post pictures like this online. Having a dog taking a picture like this is not even the real point of the picture! Who would give a selfie stick to a dog!? And what is on the seat! This could be one of the weirdest pictures found online till the date! If there are any more of these pictures, share them with us in the comment section!

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Selfies are simple and sufficiently safe to take: just turn a camera around, pause dramatically, and record yourself in a critical place in time. In any cases, unbelievable and some of the time hazardous occasions can unfurl amid that snapshot of negligence. There are additionally picture takers who search out outrageous risk as a setting for their selfies.

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Just looking at this picture brings chills to our body! How could someone take a picture like that! Things get weirder when you see this other person who is actually snapping the photo! Getting the ideal depiction isn't worth what some novice picture takers have gambled — purposely or something else. So many reports have been out of people actually losing their lives, taking pictures like this! How much of a thrill seeker can one be?!

In Russia, there has been a modest bunch of selfie-related fatalities, including the passing of two men in the Ural Mountains who postured for a photograph while pulling the stick from a hand projectile. What's more, in June, a college graduate kicked the bucket in the wake of attempting to take a selfie while swinging from a Moscow connect.

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Most as of late a 17-year-old kid tumbled to his demise from a housetop as he attempted to take his photo for his Instagram page. He had already taken various comparative pictures of himself posturing on high housetops in the city of Vologda. The issue isn't simply restricted to Russia. In the US as of late a man kicked the bucket subsequent to shooting himself in the neck while taking a selfie.

Selfies have turned into a mainstream culture nowadays. At whatever point you go outside on a day by day schedule, you will most likely observe maybe a couple of people bringing selfie with their foamy espresso, on a stroll in any uncommon piece of town or on an excursion. So basically, it is wherever constantly. Be that as it may, to take all these selfies, you have to know the selfie behaviors.

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A selfie stick is the most straightforward instrument that proves to be useful when you attempt to catch you and the foundation without requesting that somebody makes a go. There are a few situations where it is just an inconsiderate thing to pull your telephone and take a selfie, regardless of how great you look. Now and again, even the general population are not irritated by your demonstration but rather your own life might be in question since you don't focus on environment and things may deteriorate and he result will be this picture right here!

Yet at the same time, there are thrill seekers who love to take selfies at some high top structures. In spite of conceivable hazard, they take things to a radical new brave level.
In Australia, a stone that resembles a wedding cake was fenced off on the grounds that excessively numerous individuals were climbing it to take pre or post-wedding photographs of themselves.

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