Published 2016-12-19
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9 Weirdest selfies ever taken... You just have to see it!

Just looking at this picture brings chills to our body! How could someone take a picture like that! Things get weirder when you see this other person who is actually snapping the photo! Getting the ideal depiction isn't worth what some novice picture takers have gambled — purposely or something else. So many reports have been out of people actually losing their lives, taking pictures like this! How much of a thrill seeker can one be?!

In Russia, there has been a modest bunch of selfie-related fatalities, including the passing of two men in the Ural Mountains who postured for a photograph while pulling the stick from a hand projectile. What's more, in June, a college graduate kicked the bucket in the wake of attempting to take a selfie while swinging from a Moscow connect.

The picture on the Next Page will stun you!

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