Published 2016-12-19
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9 Weirdest selfies ever taken... You just have to see it!

Most as of late a 17-year-old kid tumbled to his demise from a housetop as he attempted to take his photo for his Instagram page. He had already taken various comparative pictures of himself posturing on high housetops in the city of Vologda. The issue isn't simply restricted to Russia. In the US as of late a man kicked the bucket subsequent to shooting himself in the neck while taking a selfie.

Selfies have turned into a mainstream culture nowadays. At whatever point you go outside on a day by day schedule, you will most likely observe maybe a couple of people bringing selfie with their foamy espresso, on a stroll in any uncommon piece of town or on an excursion. So basically, it is wherever constantly. Be that as it may, to take all these selfies, you have to know the selfie behaviors.

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