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The first thing that is appreciated in this image will reveal the greatest weaknesses in love...

When you've done a personality test in the past, beyond asking what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are, have you ever stopped to think about what personality really is? According to psychology associations, your personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour. In simple words, it is the combination of your opinion about things, how those opinions make you feel and the way you act and react in a variety of situations and relationships based on those opinions and emotions.

The first thing that is appreciated in this image will reveal the greatest weaknesses in love... 1

And especially when some of those actions and reactions take you to a place where you do certain things that are more difficult for you than they could be. For example, to not spoil your own love life or your relationships; it is important to have a solid understanding of who you really are, what you think and what you feel, and if your behavior towards yourself and towards others works in harmony, you will get what you really need and want.

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The first thing that is appreciated in this image will reveal the greatest weaknesses in love... 2

It can be difficult to get to the bottom of what we mean when we talk about ourselves, even impossible for many of us. The above mentioned we can recognize when someone in our life has a personality that we enjoy and want to have close and for the same reason, we tend to be so clear when we meet someone whose personality collides in the wrong way, or worse, we take it as something toxic that we do not want in our life.

The first thing that is appreciated in this image will reveal the greatest weaknesses in love... 3

But oddly enough, it is often relatively easy to get a good idea of ​​other people's personalities, while it may take several lives to be in total control on our own. That's why we all have an idealized version of who we are in our heads, and rightly so! After all, you cannot look at your negative qualities and expect to get very far in life. However, if we are willing to dig a little deeper, we can sometimes find that in the darkest corners of ourselves there is some information that helps us to be happier, more successful and fuller in all spheres of our lives.

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The first thing that is appreciated in this image will reveal the greatest weaknesses in love... 4

According to Hippocrates, there are 4 types of personality. Phlegmatic, as the name suggests, is a very calm, balanced and controlled person. He does not like to show emotions, so it's hard to guess if he has a bad mood or is happy about something. A melancholic is a deep man, a thinker who likes to analyze. He is conscientious and determined to achieve his goals. Has high standards. He requires a lot from yourself and others. Nevertheless, he is a sensitive person, which means he is prone to mood swings.

The first thing that is appreciated in this image will reveal the greatest weaknesses in love... 5

Sanguine is often seen as a big child. He is cheerful and spontaneous. He has a great sense of humour. He is not worried about the future or remembering the past. He lives at the moment. He is direct and talkative. Hothead is the temperament of the born leader. He has a strong will and is focused on achieving specific goals. He does not care about relationships and people. He cares more about achieving results, leading others and organizing work. Now, look at the image on the next page. Look at it quickly and see what you see in the first instance. Once you have done it, review the list that we offer below to discover what your weaknesses are and how they can ruin your own love life, to avoid it.

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The first thing that is appreciated in this image will reveal the greatest weaknesses in love... 6

1. A man tied

If you have looked at the image and the first thing you have seen has been the man tied between the two trees, your personality is in an almost constant conflict. But do not worry! This does not necessarily mean that you are literally fighting with the world around you. In any case, you are much more likely to fight regularly with yourself and to find true love with another person you must be able to find a feeling of love from within. You struggle so much to accept yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and everything in between, that you are ceasing to love your person. The battle for inner peace is not easily achieved and we are not saying otherwise, but you deserve to get away from internal confusion from time to time. Hug yourself and love will come.

1. A man tied

2. The fence

In case the first thing you saw was the fence in the middle of the field, your biggest weakness in love is your tendency to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Not for that you are a lost cause and it does not even mean that your heart is more damaged than most people, but unless you are willing to take a chance and open your heart soon, you may miss the opportunity for real love. It is easy, normal and natural to try to protect yourself if you have burned before, but if you keep a high wall around your heart, not only will no one be able to enter, but it will be very hard for you to come out again. And while putting up barriers is easy, tearing them down is complicated, so do not be afraid to start over. Meet people slowly. If you do not risk anything, you do not gain anything.

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2. The fence

3. The ship

This case, your weak point when it comes to love is that you set such high standards that no human being on Earth can reach them. Do not get us wrong! There is no shame in wanting a family, an incredible career and a couple that loves all the things you do, but when you become more and more specific in your aspirations, you disconnect from the reality of what love is. And while the fantasies are nice, they are not made for warm companions. Of course, you must hold on to your dreams and keep people coming into your life as potential romantic partners at a high level. However, keep in mind that your perfect image of the future could avoid that love you were meant to find.

3. The ship

4. The skull

If the first thing you saw was the skull, you are hindering your chances of finding love for anxiety and worry on all fronts. You may have a disorder or you may just be the typical soul in troubled grief, but in any case, your tendency to be overly prudent may prevent you from seeing many of the details that make life more beautiful and that includes seeing your soulmate when by your side. It's good to be a little cautious at times and make sure you look around before jumping, but when it comes to something like love, you'll waste time and opportunities if you spend time worrying about the different ways it could go wrong. There will always be things that make us anxious, but we should not avoid living our lives and that includes love. You do not need to hide your fears from your partner, either.

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4. The skull
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